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Fight infection with Ayurvedic undies

Updated at: Oct 25, 2010
Written by: Shweta ShiwarePublished at: Oct 25, 2010
Fight infection with Ayurvedic undies

A Delhi-based garment manufacturer plans to retail Neem and basil-infused underwear to help you fight rashes and infection

A Delhi-based garment manufacturer plans to retail Neem and basil-infused underwear to help you fight rashes and infection


Rajiv Rai Sachdev, the owner of Delhi-based garment manufacturing company Advantage Organic Naturals, says his latest range of Ayurvedic underwear will help buyers stay healthy. The organic cotton fabric used in the underwear traps the goodness of neem which it is infused with during the processing stage. "The combination of neem and basil works wonderfully with bio-protein properties of cerasine to moisturise the skin and protect it against infection or allergies," said the soft-spoken Sachdev over the phone from the capital. "During the
processing stage, we have made sure the organic cotton traps in neem."


Sachdev developed the merchandise in association with the Textile Technology Department of IIT, Delhi, where the product was tested in labs to figure whether it suited Indian environmental conditions. Combining the goodness of natural fabrics, herbal dyes with medicinal properties and natural anti-microbials with the holistic healing powers of colour and crystal therapy, the Joy of Life range (it includes spa garments) seems like a research paper in alternate therapy. The range of underwear for both men and women will be available at high-end lifestyle stores in the coming months, and will be priced at approximately Rs 500 a piece.


The entrepreneur developed an interest in holistic healing while interacting with alternate therapists he encountered while his father was battling a blood clot in his heart that led to paralysis.


What might be of particular interest to women though, is that these panties can also help fight cellulite, those annoying fatty deposits that give your skin a dimpled look around your thighs, buttocks and hips. Cellulite is not the same as ordinary fat. It is waste accumulated from a less-than-perfect diet, which the body cannot rid itself of in a normal way. So, it gets dumped in out-of-the-way areas away from vital organs. If you have cellulite, it is an indication of a sluggish circulation, and that your lymphatic system, the body's primary cleaner, is not doing its job.


3 Cellulite Fixers (other than undies)


Rub-a-dub: Cleanse your skin using a loofah to massage the area where cellulite deposits rest. Start with a circular motion and then brush upwards towards the heart. This will boost circulation, remove toxins and metabolic waste out of tissues and spaces around the cellulite.


Power of Caffeine: Experts recommend using coffee beans as an exfoliator since caffeine is absorbed into the skin and stimulates fat cells to release their content. Apply warm coffee grounds to the targeted area and wrap area with a plastic wrap or cling film for 10 minutes. Else mix the grounds with hand cream and apply, massaging the area for a minute.


Dashing diet: Increase your intake of fruits (berries, bananas, oranges), green vegetables and whole grains. Chuck processed foods high in saturated fats and trans-fatty acids from your kitchen cabinet. Grill foods instead of frying them. Avoid sweets, and replace your coffee or masala tea with herbal teas. Don't touch colas. Beat toxins by drinking at least two litres of water every day.


Celebs and cellulite


In a material world where how much you weigh, how good you look determines individual worth, the presence of cellulite is a welcome equaliser. Even famous and reed-thin celebs Paris Hilton and Kate Moss are not spared by these subcutaneous fatty deposits.



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