Fight Flab by Eating Eggs

Updated at: Dec 28, 2012
Fight Flab by Eating Eggs

Eggs are protein foods and therefore, mostly associated with weight gain. Turns out an egg has the right amount of protein needed for the body and can be used in influencing weight loss.

Gunjan Rastogi
LatestWritten by: Gunjan RastogiPublished at: Jul 07, 2012

Fight Flab by Eating EggsFor people wanting to lose extra weight, eggs are the best breakfast option. A review of six studies conducted in U.K. revealed that eggs contain a certain ingredient that can trigger burning of calories that people tend to consume at lunch and dinner.


Like other good breakfast options, all forms of eggs i.e. boiled, fried, poached or scrambled can keep people fuller for a longer period. Egg consumption will aid people, who wish to refrain from satisfying their hunger pangs with calorie rich snacks, such as cookies, chocolates or cheese sandwiches in fighting flab.


The study also found that proteins found in eggs are much more potent in limiting the hunger pangs than proteins found in other eatables. Dietician, Dr. Carrie Ruxton, examined the outcome of the studies and found that having egg in breakfast satiates hunger well. One o two studies found that eggs changed appetite-related gut hormones and the other revealed that people, who choose to have eggs in breakfast over cereals or breads, witnessed a significant amount of weight loss.


Dr. Carrie also found two additional advantages of consuming eggs as a part of weight loss diet program. First, one egg has 78 calories thus, a person can calculate the amount of calories he/she is consuming if he/she takes eggs in breakfast. Second, vitamin D present in the eggs helps  overweight or obese people to maintain their general health conditions as vitamin D lowers the risk of diabetes and heart problems.




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