Few golden rules important for parenting your child

Updated at: Jul 28, 2010
Few golden rules important for parenting your child

Discipline:  Help children understand their limits and grow into responsible adults. We as parents need to set rules and limits for our children and be consistent in enforcing them.

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Tips for ParentWritten by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Jul 28, 2010

  • Discipline:  Help children understand their limits and grow into responsible adults. We as parents need to set rules and limits for our children and be consistent in enforcing them. 
  • Appreciation: An occasional applause does wonders for the self-esteem of a child. Appreciate time and again for small gesture as it acts as a motivating force.
  • Quality not quantity: It is not important to spend a lot of time with children. By giving them a listening ear the child is able to get rid of fears and becomes more attached and comfortable with the parents.
  • Role model: A child is a keen observer and studies have proved that they generally behave and act in the same way as their parents. Be respectful. Honest and be compassionate first and then expect your child to do the same.
  • Actions speak louder than words: Hugging and cuddling the children and showing them your love is very important rather than just telling them that you love them.
  • Make communication your priority: There should be a two-way communication flow between parents and children. Rather dominating them and dictating them terms, let them also vent out their feelings. Parents who reason with their children allow them to understand and learn in a non-judgmental way.
  • Be flexible and realistic: Each and every child is different. Be realistic in your expectations from them. Be flexible in changing your behaviour and attitude according to your child. Understand your child's aptitude and then set the goals.
  • Show your love is unconditional: As a parent you are responsible for correcting and guiding your child, but how you express your corrective guidance makes all the difference in how your child receives it. He needs to be told that you will love him no matter what.
  • Nurture self- esteem:  Each child is special and needs to be treated that way. Boost up your child's confidence levels by giving them a lot of encouragement and appreciation. Nurture his self-esteem and never compare him with others.
  • Separate the deed from the doer: Whenever a child misbehaves or does a wrong deed, do not criticise the child. Rather tell him that he is not bad but the action or behaviour is bad. So never condemn the child but his behaviour.
  • Motivation does wonders: Motivation can help the children to achieve the impossible. Constant positive motivation encourages the children to enjoy and like the task they do.
  • Discipline teenagers: Parents of teenagers should be vigilant and active and always keep a close eye on them. The child needs to be respected and likes to be treated like a grown up. Hence discipline them in the correct manner.
  • Increasing suicidal tendencies in teenagers: Many parents are totally in shock when they realise their suicidal tendencies. The reason is the lack of communication between them. Parents should talk openly with their children about their feelings. They should listen to them and take their views on all the issues and treat them properly.
  • Let them be independent: Let the teenagers be independent in deciding about their subjects, hobbies, etc. Do not pressurise them with your thoughts. Sometimes parents want their children to achieve what they were not able to achieve. This is not fair as each child has his own preference. 



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