Feel the power of purity

Updated at: Dec 30, 2010
Feel the power of purity

When you have consideration for others, when you shed tears when see others in pain, when you profoundly feel like doing something so as to make others contented, you are the one with a heart as pure as crystal.

 Nishi Ahlawat
Home RemediesWritten by: Nishi AhlawatPublished at: Dec 30, 2010

Feel The Power Of PurityWhen you have consideration for others, when you shed tears when see others in pain, when you profoundly feel like doing something so as to make others contented, you are the one with a heart as pure as crystal. It's called purity in deeds by an untainted soul.


Purity is unattainable without wiping out the impure thoughts. Our soul is immortal, and it is our physical state, which is perishable, that indulges in sins and impurity.   Purity is not mere corporal. The absolute purity lies in unsullied deeds, thoughts and words. It cleans us from within unlike bodily purity which is transient. The internal purity is eternal. We need to follow unequivocally the righteous steps to pull off our motive in order to bring never-ending contentment to the mind and the soul. The exhilaration would then be felt deep within. Hence, you, under no circumstances, should try to trail immoral and impure ways to attain chastity.


Purity makes you feel as if you are soaring above the earth minus all the despondency and melancholy and watching the entire world full of miseries and impurities from above, which sap the souls of the embodied beings on the earth. Thoughtfulness for others is purity but it is partial without transformation of the same into actions.  A mind minus all ill thoughts makes the soul pure where one can connect himself or herself effortlessly with God.


People from all walks of life cleanse their bodies before visiting a holy place. They feel this way their prayers reach God's ears faster. They fail to understand His teaching in the same. Through bodily cleanliness, He edifies us to keep our heart, soul, deeds chaste. By doing so, we can make ourselves more close to Him, regardless of where we are. One can offer his or her prayers to Him from anywhere. The impurities in the place or the body barely matter to the Almighty. It's not completely trivial but secondary. He listens to a pure heart faster.


The embodied beings are full of sins in this vicious world. They do not know that they would not gain anything by indulging themselves into depraved deeds. By doing so, they are just propelling themselves into the world of miseries. Following the path of sin is impurity, which God hates, indeed.


God uplifts the sagacious and those who want to get away with the malevolence.  He is the lone bestower of happiness. You must not give sorrow to anyone so as to be more close to Him, who is eternal and wants to give you endless love and peace.


Purity makes us feel safe, as if God is shielding us from the iniquity.  Bestow love to all full heartedly and selflessly.  Be what you are. Your eyes should be able to reflect your inner self. Wash away all the dirt and grime from the mind.  As the lotus grows out of the mud, yet remain unaffected despite being in the same. The same way you must keep yourself away from all the vices in this ferocious world. Make the soul impervious and the heart as pure as crystal.   It's when your deeds are pure; your thoughts are chaste,You see people in gloom and act in haste, 


To offer pray for them no matter how and where you are, Then, you are truly the one with a crystal pure heart!


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