Fasting during Pregnancy

Updated at: Dec 02, 2011
Fasting during Pregnancy

Fasting during pregnancy is considered to be safe in the second trimester of pregnancy. But don't forget to take into account your health.

Bushra Kafeel
PregnancyWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Oct 06, 2011

fasting-during-pregnancyFasting is an important part of Navratri. But the question that whether it is safe for pregnant women remains debatable. Fasting during pregnancy is ok if you are going through normal and healthy pregnancy. During first trimester of pregnancy the developing baby is very sensitive. Best for both of you is not to fast, especially the strict ones. Similarly fasting during third trimester of pregnancy is not good for your baby. If you choose to do Navratri fast then consult your physician to know that how fasting can affect the developing foetus.


Things to remember while doing navratri fasting during pregnancy:

  • Remember that your baby is totally dependent on you for the necessary proteins, nutrition and vitamins. So never do water fast in pregnancy.
  • Avoid fasting during first and third trimester of pregnancy.
  • You can fast in second trimester of pregnancy if your doctor says ‘yes’.
  • Before making final decision to fast talk to your doctor. If there is any possible risk to yourself or your unborn baby then it is wise to wait until you are better.
  • If you are fasting then make sure that you are not depriving your body of energy. Keep on eating fresh fruits and other edibles that are allowed during fasting. Prolonged fasts lead to problems such as weakness, anaemia, fatigue, acidity and headaches that can infer with normal growth of baby.
  • Some people tend to take navratri fast as ‘feast’ and freedom to eat and stuff themselves with oily treats. If you are pregnant then make sure to have healthy food during navratri as well. Start your day by eating something that is healthy (milk or fresh juice) and eat fruits or dry fruits every two hours. This will help to prevent acidity.
  • You must make sure that you don’t cut down your fluid diet. Make sure to fluids such as buttermilk, fruit juices, milk and of course water.
  • Instead of munching on potato chips have some healthy snacks. Bananas, apples, grapes are some of the fruits that are good for you and will also keep you energized.
  • Some people go on ‘no-salt’ fast during navratri, this can lead to weakness. Never do this while fasting during pregnancy, try to make up with at least one meal with salt.
  • The main key while doing navratri fast during pregnancy is to never ignore your body’s signs. If your body is asking for rest then immediately listen to it.
  • Getting adequate sleep while fasting is as important as having healthy diet.


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