Fast Weight Loss Diet

Updated at: Apr 26, 2018
Fast Weight Loss Diet

For a fast weight lost diet usually dieticians suggest a meal replacement programme. It is advised to gradually remove the calories from your diet and sustain it.

Mallika Singh
Weight ManagementWritten by: Mallika SinghPublished at: Apr 26, 2018

Doctors say that the best way to lose weight is to lose it over a period of time so that the effect is lasting and more sustainable for your health. It is advised to gradually remove the calories from your diet. For an average adult, if he/she consumes 3000 calories a day, cutting on 1000 calories a day will lead to losing weight at the rate of 1 pound in 3 days.

Usually fast weight loss occurs only with a meal replacement programme. Some of the options you can consider to lose weight fast are as follows:

Fad Diets to lose weight quickly:

Scarsdale Diet

This diet plan consists of regular food items to be eaten for 14 days. The portion of the meal is uninhibited and you can eat as much as you like. 

  • Breakfast: Should comprise of a fruit, a plain toasted slice of bread and coffee or tea with no sugar, cream or milk
  • Lunch: salad of assorted vegetables without dressing with coffee, tea, diet soda or water
  • Dinner: can be a combination of eat fish, salad, and a slice of plain toasted protein bread, fruit and tea/coffee

Lemonade Diet

This diet plan is for people who have the will power of steel. It is deemed as an extremely strenuous diet plan which states that you will lose 10 to 20 pounds during the first 10 days of dieting. It is a cleansing and elimination diet and you can’t eat anything during this period. Ensure you take laxatives like herbal tea during the dieting period. Consume 100 ounce of lemonade per day.

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Hollywood Diet

The Hollywood diet plan consists of consuming only juices. It claims to help you lose 8 pounds in two days.  Mix a juice of 8 oranges, 4 lemons, 2 cups of grape juice. You can add sliced bananas, 2 peeled apples and honey as per taste. Sip this juice throughout the day along with 12 glasses of water.

The Grapefruit Diet

If you like grapefruit, consider eating only grape fruit for 10 days, you will lose weight dramatically as your calorie count won’t go over 600 calories a day and the body will start consuming the calories stored as fat in your body.

The Cabbage Soup Diet

Drink only cabbage soup and consume no other food items and lose up to 10lbs in a week. This isn’t a sustainable weight loss regime but help you lose weight rapidly.

Natural Ways to lose Weight

If you chose not to follow any crash diet plans, include the following in your diet and lose weight on a sustainable basis:

  • Don’t skip your meals; it will only increase your cravings and hunger
  • Replace snacks with salads
  • Don’t include sauces or mayonnaise in your salads
  • Eat fruits to increase fibre content and satisfy your appetite
  • Take the stairs, don’t use elevators and escalators
  • Sleep for at least 7 hours
  • Reduce the portion of your meal
  • Consume meat with the skin peeled off
  • Don’t go on a liquid diet, chose healthy solid food alternatives
  • Exercise 5 times a week and include cardio exercises to burn calories

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