Farting Health Benefits: Sounds Gross But It Has Some Surprising Benefits

Updated at: Aug 23, 2019
Farting Health Benefits: Sounds Gross But It Has Some Surprising Benefits

Even though we loathe those who fart in public spaces but it is something like a natural as catching the flu. There can be several reasons for farting, but this action is surprisingly good for the overall health.

Vani Malik
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Farting is a natural phenomenon. Just the very thought of it does gross people out, but for humans, farting has some surprising health benefits. Farting can be a reason for overeating and an unhealthy diet in most of the cases. In humans, there are two ways through which the extra gas exits the body; one is through burping and the other by farting. It may happen that you may have faced some embarrassing moments in public places due to sudden passing of gas, but there's nothing to be ashamed of it. Farting is a sign of excellent digestive health.

Do you know that farting is essential not only for the stomach but for the whole body? It is a crucial step when it comes to food digestion. Just as food is necessary for the body, similarly, relieving the stomach from extra gas is equally required. The urgent need to fart should not be controlled as it can lead to stomach cramps. To be blunt, everyone should fart for excellent digestive health. Just a little courtesy to ask for an excuse can work in your favour. If you feel like farting, step away from the crowd and fart. For good digestive health, one should fart 5-6 times in a day. The important tip here is that every dart may not have a foul smell or a sound. Let us tell you why it is important to fart and its health benefits.

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Farting Reduces Stomach Bloating

If you've had a heavy meal, it is common to have gas in your stomach. As we all know, it is difficult to digest heavy, fried and processed food items. In situations like these, you often feel bloated and sluggish. Controlling your fart in such situation can add to the woes of stomach bloating and also increase the risk of stroke due to indigestion. In such cases, a simple fart can relieve you from all the discomfort. It reduces bloating and makes you feel better and lighter.

The Smell Can Be Beneficial

It sounds strange, but it is right. The smell of fart and even foot odour helps protect from several diseases. A study says that when you release gas, a compound called hydrogen sulfide passes with it, which in high amounts, can be toxic, but the small amount prevents the cells from being destroyed and damaged. Apart from this, foot odour also reduces the risk of stroke.

For a Healthy And Happy Gut Health

If you fart, it is a sign of a healthy digestive system. As per a study by NPR, slim and fit people fart more than the others. This is because the stomach bacteria, germs and protozoa are closely related to stomach health. Those who follow a healthy diet including cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts encourage the gut bacteria. Eating all this means better digestion and more farting.

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Beneficial For Colon Health

According to some women's health magazines, controlling the fart puts pressure on the colon, causing digestive problems. If you try and control a fart for a longer duration, it can affect your colon health and cause inflammation in the haemorrhoids.

To Fart Is A Sigh Of Relief

Painful to admit, but it is undoubtedly true that fart helps relieve the person from within. Also, it can determine the presence of food allergies in the body. Allergies like Soliac Disease and Lactose Intolerance increase stomach problems. If the diet taken goes against these allergies, there are chances of more farts.

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