FAQs on Health Insurance Answered

Updated at: Jan 14, 2013
FAQs on Health Insurance Answered

You should be a student of a school / college/ university in the foreign country and have a valid student visa for purchasing International Student Health insurance.

S. K.Sethi
Health InsuranceWritten by: S. K.SethiPublished at: Dec 06, 2010

FAQs on Health Insurance answeredWhat are the eligibility criteria for purchasing International Student Health Insurance?

Ans. You should be a student of a school / college/ university in the foreign country and have a valid student visa.


Are dependents of students of overseas student Health Insurance also eligible for coverage?

They are eligible but they do not get student Health Insurance Policy. They get normal Overseas Travel Policy.


May I purchase Student insurance if I am already studying outside my home country?


Yes- you can purchase. But see requirement of your educational institution –what sum assured they are looking for.

What is Domestic Travel Insurance?

This is travel insurance –when you are traveling within India.


Am I still covered by Domestic Travel Insurance if I catch a connecting flight to a different destination?

Yes- it is for number of days and it covers all modes of public transport – road, rail & air. It also covers accidents / illness / hospitalization etc.


What can I do if I encounter an accident while covered under Domestic Travel Insurance?

Get treated and it will be paid by the insurance company.


Ways health insurance companies can mess with you?

They are in business of providing service – why they should mess with you. You as a responsible customer should follow the rules/ procedure for lodging claim. It is a good idea to refer to policy document, read it thoroughly and avoid hassles.

I have health coverage through my employer but i’m leaving my job soon. Though I like my current coverage, I cannot carry it from job to job. What are my options?

Find out what your pocket can afford. Buy your own health insurance policy.


My insurance company failed to authorized coverage and treatment. Is there anything I can do?

You should analyze the reason why they have not authorized payment. Refer to policy document as well as medical document. If it is not covered in policy then you can not do anything.

If it is covered under the policy, you have the following options:


  • Take up the matter with the branch office.
  • Lodge grievance with the Head Office of the Insurance Company.
  • Lodge your grievance on website of Insurance Foundation of India.
  • Go to Insurance Ombudsman.
  • Go to consumer forum.


How does the health care ombudsman role work?

There is no post of health care ombudsman. It is Insurance Ombudsman and it is at state level. Sometimes an Insurance Ombudsman may be covering 2 or more than 2 states also. He also covers all cases of Health Insurance.


How do I waive student health insurance?

If you are a student in a foreign educational institution then you can not escape yourself from this responsibility. You must have the policy. It is in your interest.


S.K. Sethi, Vice President of Insurance Foundation of India answers 10 most frequently asked questions about Health Insurance.




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