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Fall madly in bed this monsoon

Snr By Rocky Thongam , Midday / Feb 28, 2010
Fall madly in bed this monsoon

Monsoons bring out the beast in us. Here is your guide to enjoy wild unbridled sex with your partner when it starts pouring.

Fall madly in bed this monsoonMonsoons bring out the beast in us. Here is your guide to enjoy wild unbridled sex with your partner when it starts pouring


When the silvery beads of water go pitter-patter on the parched hot summer roof, libidos take flights of fantasies and bedsheets crumple into fatigued balls. But before you go all peacock on her this monsoon, and nail her down like a misguided missile, learn these three tricks. And ladies we have an equal number of suggestions for you to make him scream out your name loud.


For the peacock in you


Dress code: Do a la Jeetendra


Dressing up in white is not only Jeetendra's birthright. Don a white shirt and a pair of trousers and half the battle is won. White is the new black; there is something mysterious about a guy clad in white that keeps his partner guessing what he is going to do next.  And when the rain makes the shirt cling to your skin, the transparency will excite her enough to want to tear it off your body. A word of caution though, work on those love handles you have accumulated over those endless cans of beer with guy friends before you slip into one.


Location: Under the shower


Entering the shower naked is passe. Leave all those old moves to the worn-out porn stars. Get under the sprinkler clad in whites with her in a sari, and remember the golden rule of sex -- foreplay. Keep it slow, where is the fun without making her wait for the main course? Start with removing accessories like bracelets, watches (if it's not a waterproof one), chains and lockets. Take up hooks and buttons as the next challenge but don't go all the way. Keep your clothes on, the barrier of silk between both of you and you will slowly but surely bring out the kitten in her.


After sex move: Love poem


Boys we all kinda know what to do till we reach that orgasmic peak, the mystery for most of us what to do as we come down stumbling down. Well, a cuddle to start with would be nice, seconded by stroking her hair and gazing into her eyes. Copy a mushy love poem or pen down a few lines yourself about her and keep it hidden under the pillow. Pull it out after the action and read it out for her. It sure sounds corny but it's bound to have an effect on her. Remember to be genuine though and choose a befitting poem. There is nothing more insulting for a woman you have made love to than an undeserving praise.


For the peahens


Dress code: Wet sari 


Well, you might condemn Bollywood for all those corny rain numbers with the heroine wrapped in a sari gyrating under a water hose held by a salivating unit member, but the producers weren't dumb. It wasn't just for kicks that Sridevi sang Kate nahi katte yeh din yeh raat in Mr. India, giving the nation a mini orgasm or Raveena Tandon chanted Tip tip barsa paani in a yellow sari creating electricity in the air. A woman clad in a wet sari is etched so deep in our male psyche that it is hard to ignore her. Pull out those cottons, silks or just about any fabric, we don't care as long as its' wet and you are willing to let us peal it off you. 




In the backyard or on the rooftop


Location is important to make him go weak-kneed. Remember, nothing risked, nothing gained. Take him out in the rain. The wet hair, the smoky make-up and the clingy sari are your weapons of destruction. The bold act of seducing him in the open will drive him wild. Keep an eye out for nosy neighbours while you are busy playing tongue hockey in your backyard.


After sex move


Strawberries and hot chocolate


Now granny wasn't bluffing when she told you that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. If you want to keep him still eating out of your fingers, literally, let some hot chocolate do the trick. Sitting by the window, watching the rainfall  with a warm nourishing post-coital drink vitalises every exhausted man who was panting for his life a few minutes back. And simply put, when a man ejects energy he needs to inject too, to keep the system running. A steak or a sizzler will never fail you.


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