#FakeNews: Do Not Use An Empty Nebulizer For Oxygen Supply: Clarifies Sarvodaya Healthcare

Updated at: Apr 24, 2021
#FakeNews: Do Not Use An Empty Nebulizer For Oxygen Supply: Clarifies Sarvodaya Healthcare

In the wake of the rising need of oxygen cylinders, is it true that a nebulizer can do the same job? Let’s find out

Vani Malik
LatestWritten by: Vani MalikPublished at: Apr 24, 2021

The dire need of oxygen supply and the depleting resources has led to a rise in various kinds of information floating on the internet. The panic created for lack of beds and oxygen cylinders in hospitals has led to people believing in hacks for survival skills. The need for oxygen for COVID patients has drastically increased, leading to worldwide panic. However, in times when the information floating on social media plays an instrumental role in influencing peoples’ actions, a video started gaining traction on social media since yesterday.

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What Was The Video About?

The video, shot by a member of Sarvodaya Healthcare, demonstrated how a nebulizer could be a replacement of oxygen cylinders. In this extensively circulated video, the person calling himself 'Dr Alok', says that one must not run after oxygen cylinders, instead look for a nebulizer for instant relief. He says that one must sit, place the mask of the nebulizer on the face and switch on the gadget. The hack in this was to not put any kind of medicine in the nebulizer and simply take the oxygen. This led to a widespread share of the video on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The need to verify this news was critical as any wrong treatment could lead lives of many.

Fake News Busted: Nebulisers Cannot Replace Oxygen Cylinders

In the era where fake news populates like fire as compared to verified ones, and when the country is reeling under the shortage of oxygen due to COVID second wave, the truth came to light. The hospital authorities put a stop on the news but stated that the video was misleading and lacked facts. It said that the information indicated in the video had to no evidence or a scientific study behind it. Also, with the tweet, the hospital authorities mentioned, “Always consult a medical practitioner before following any #medication practice, especially for #treatment of severe conditions. Do not fall prey to any information without an authorized source.

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“The need of the hour is not to fall prey to such hacks and verify any information with their healthcare practitioners before sharing. Stay informed, stay safe.

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