Facts on Blind Dating

Updated at: Jan 10, 2014
Facts on Blind Dating

It is a fact that blind dates often turn out into a long-term relationship. But for starters, it should be a great experience for two people getting together to enjoy their time without the hang-ups of long-term commitment.

Vatsal Anand
DatingWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Jun 17, 2011

Blind dates can turn out to be great especially when set up by someone who knows the two of you well. Someone with a good understanding of two people’s personality can bring forth a positive blind dating experience. The two people meeting should also be prepared with an open mind and willingness to trust if they want to make it a lasting relationship.

If you are aware of some facts of blind dating, it would make it easier for you to prepare yourself for it:


Why Blind Dates?

It is a way by which two individuals get to know each other without the hang-ups of commitment. What transpires between the two of you is not so much the consideration at first as getting to know the other person. It may well turn out to be a romantic relationship or just be platonic. Blind date is a way out for people who find it difficult to meet a potential match because of shy nature, busy life or any reason.


How is it set up?


Typically, family members or common friend of two people set up a blind date. The time and location is chosen for the two people to meet and they may or may not have spoken on the phone. There is another type of blind dating which is more like dating in a group. Group of individuals come together at a place to allow for two people to meet one another.

Since the two persons who are dating do not know each other, it serves to bring a lot of anxiety between them, even though the dating has been set up by their near and dear ones. You need to take things as they come and not have any pre-conceived notions about the date if you want to enjoy the experience.


Going on a blind date involves the risk of finding it to be a waste of time. On the other hand, it can be an amusing story worth relating to your mates. Since there comes a time in our lives when meeting new people becomes less likely, you should try just to feel like doing something interesting and of course, add one more person to your friend’s list.


Blind dating may be exciting but you are vulnerable being in the company of a stranger. Following the dating tips for safety are a must. Choose a place where there are plenty of other people around. One of your friends or relatives should know where you are. Drive your own car and keep an excuse handy for leaving the place early if your date seems unsafe.


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