Facts about power naps everyone should know

Updated at: Mar 24, 2017
Facts about power naps everyone should know

 Power naps re-energies body, enhance productivity and refreshes mood. Know facts about power nap, power nap technique at office and how it is beneficial

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Mind BodyWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Mar 24, 2017

Nap that re-energizes your body is referred to as power nap. It refreshes your mood, enhances your brain power and boosts your senses.

The brain also needs rest and for its proper functioning, power nap is a great option! Nap during daytime is an excellent way to complete your sleep if you haven’t had a proper sleep during night. It gives relaxation to your body and to your brain. Some benefits of power nap are listed for you!


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Stress free

Due to continuous working our brain gets tensed and stressed. It needs rest to regain its power and energy. Power nap is a nice way to make your brain stress-free. Whenever you feel stressed and exhausted, just lie down or simply place your head on the table and take a quick nap. You will feel relaxed, energised, focused and more active.


Makes you attentive and alert

If you haven’t had a nice sleep during night, it affects your alertness and your work capacity. A quick nap between your tasks can increase your attentiveness and alertness. It also keeps you energetic and refreshing.


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Increases the memory power

A tired mind has a very low memory power. The mind fails to learn anything. Power nap just relaxes the brain nerves and the muscles. When tired the brain starts producing toxins that hamper the nerve functioning, thus making you feel tired and sluggish. A quick nap relaxes the overuse of the brain nerves, making it tension free. It also minimizes the production of neurotoxins.


Improves heart functioning

Heart gets pressurized when your body and mind gets tired and tensed. So a nap eases that pressure from the heart. It regularizes the heart beat, thereby maintaining blood pressure level. People who have high blood pressure are always advised to take a nap so as to maintain blood pressure. Napping helps the heart to perform in a more relaxed way.


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Freshens up your mood

A quick nap rejuvenates your mood. It is very beneficial for people working in night shifts, students and professionals from media industry. Sleeplessness is a common problem in them. So taking a power nap is very beneficial for their mind and body functioning.

A power nap is good not only for your mood and brain but also for your digestive system. Studies have shown that a good sleep keeps you free from any digestion related problem. Therefore, if you have not received proper sleep during night, try to have a power nap while at work. It will surely refresh your mood and mind.


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