Facts about nipples you must know

Updated at: Oct 06, 2016
Facts about nipples you must know

Men and women both have nipples but there are facts about nipples that not many people are aware of.

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Mind BodyWritten by: Namrata DuttaPublished at: Oct 06, 2016

We all have them, we know they exist but there are so many thrilling things about them that no one ever tells you. We are here talking about nipples. Yes, men and women both have nipples but there are facts about nipples that not many people are aware of.


Facts about nipples you must know


Here is a list of things that you need to know about nipples. Read on.

Variation is vast

Just like breasts, nipples come in different shapes, sizes and colours. Regardless of the size of the breast you carry, nipples can be small or big. Nipple can be of any colour, it can be dark, and it can be light, brown pink and so on. It is possible that a girl with big boobs has small nipple or a girl with small boobs has big nipples. The shape and colour of nipples can also be different, not depending upon anything.

The extra sensitive nipples

During menstrual cycle, breast tissue becomes tender due to increased production of progesterone making the area around the nipples sore. This is why some women experience extra sensitive nipples during their periods.

Orgasm with nipple

Might sound very weird but women can have nipple orgasm. Yes, one can achieve orgasm with the right technique of stimulation of nipples. Especially, when women are on their periods or close to their menstrual cycle, their extra sensitive nipples can help them achieve orgasm.

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Erected nipples

Nipples become harder and darker with sexual excitement. However, women often get hard nipples without any sexual activity. Yes, slight drop in temperature or tight cloth can make a woman have an erected nipple. It is just a reflex of any friction against nipples.


Hair around nipples is common

Both men and women can have hair around their nipples and it is nothing to be worry about. Hair around nipples is very common and if you don’t like them, you can simple get them plucked.

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You can have more than two nipples

You can have an extra nipple and that is absolutely normal. An extra nipple is often taken as a mole or extra skin but it is indeed an extra nipple. If you feel slightly different because of an extra nipple, just get it removed. Yes, you can remove the extra nipple surgically.


It is normal to have an inverted nipple

Yes, there is no need to creep out. Some people have inverted nipple. It is normal but can cause problems for breastfeeding mothers as it is difficult for the infant to grab the nipple. Apart from this, an inverted nipple is normal.


You can have leaky nipples

Even when you are not breastfeeding, you can squeeze out fluid from your breasts. Yes, sometimes when breast is squeezed hard, it can leak. However, if you are experiencing leakage from nipples, you must consult a doctor.


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