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5 Facts about Female Orgasms

Snr By Pratima Sharma , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Nov 09, 2011
5 Facts about Female Orgasms

5 Facts about Female Orgasms - Know the critical facts about female orgasm and how men can maximise pleasure of their partner.

5 Facts about Female Orgasms

Facts about female orgasms are baffling not just for the man, but also for the medical community. About 20 minutes of clitoral or G-spot stimulation is required by most women to be able to climax. Smoking, emotional disorders, menopause or medications can prolong this time. About 10% of the women suffer from Anorgasmia i.e. the inability to orgasm.


5 Facts about Female Orgasms

  1. Women need to be incited to get into the mood with love and passion. She can be turned on by being vocal, touching and giving her plenty of deep kisses. This in turn will make it much easier for her to climax. It has been found that during an orgasm, brain activity decreased in the hippocampus and amygdale, which are centres for alertness and anxiety. So, women need to be relaxed and free from anxiety to be able to climax.
  2. Foreplayplays a pivotal role in sexual intercourse. You’ll have a long course ahead if you omit the foreplay. Oral sex can warm the lady without letting her climax.
  3. If you can stimulate a woman’s most sensitive areas such as her clitoris, her G-spot (a small spot in the vagina, which when stimulated, produces intense orgasms) and her cervix at the same time, you’ll help her reach orgasm much faster.
  4. 5facts about female orgasmsare also related to the size of the penis. A long penis can reach all her sensitive spots much more easily and make her climax faster.
  5. Orgasms in females also have other perks. They relieve menstrual cramps, reduce sensitivity to pain and also alleviate stress. This probably happens due to surge in hormones such as oxytocin and dopamine. Orgasms during sex can also increase the chances of conception. Oxytocin, which is released during an orgasm, causes the uterus to contract which pushes the sperm towards the egg.

There are various therapies such as testosterone treatments, cognitive behavioural treatments and nutritional supplements such as ArginMaxto improve sexual satisfaction and hence, a woman can climax faster. According to another study, a woman’s ability to climax also depends on her genes. Some women orgasm but don’t feel their pelvic muscles contracting. However, the feeling of relaxation and contentmentexperienced in an orgasm definitely produces a positive effect, both physically and mentally.





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