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Unknown Facts about Condoms

Updated at: Oct 29, 2013
Written by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Jun 14, 2011
Unknown Facts about Condoms

Facts about Condoms - Condoms have ensured that the birth control no more remains limited to the conventional surgical procedures. Condoms are an excellent contraceptive with no side effects.

'It does more, it costs less and it’s that simple'


Facts about CondomsWhosoever came up with the description for the macintosh condoms commercial, had surely hit the nail in the right spot.


One of the most easily available, cheap, easy to use and effective form of contraception available, condoms sure did mark the beginning of a revolution when it comes to birth control and safe sex.


Benefits of condoms

Condoms have ensured that birth control no more remains limited to the conventional surgical procedures and have given every individual an opportunity to play a part in the endeavour towards birth control; not to mention the heightened awareness brought about to do so. Thanks to condoms, what is commonly known as 'safe sex' is no more an inaccessible arena. It is common knowledge that use of condoms is an effective way to block out several sexually transmitted diseases to a considerable extent.


Fairly simple to use, accessible, effective and cheap; it is these multiple user friendly attributes that have given condoms an incredible popularity among users of all age groups.


This popularity has ensured that condom manufacture becomes an area of active and keen interest, owing to which the market is flooded with several varieties and ranges of this multi purpose tool. Apart from the various varieties available, there is also hoard of information and advertisements related to use of condoms and the benefits of the same.


Here is another effort in the same direction, for no matter how much is said and written about this wonderful invention, its importance in everyday life needs to reach more and more people and still more information is required for those who have already made it a part of their life.


The what, why and how of condoms


What it is and why use it?  As explained already, condoms are contraceptives that not only prevent pregnancy but also prevent transmission of deadly STDs (such as HIV).


How and what it does?  Of the several kinds of condoms available, the 'male condom' is the most commonly used condom. It is a rubber sheath that covers the penis during sexual intercourse and hence prevents the transmission of sperms into the female vagina. Female condoms that form a protective sheath in the vagina are also available. Since male condoms are the most commonly used condoms, it is a must to be aware of them.


What is it made of? A condom is commonly made of latex. Male condoms are the most popular variety and it’s easy to use option available in the market.


What are its various options? There is a whole plethora of options available in the market when it comes to condoms. From varying sizes to textures, colours, to flavours, it’s tough to not find a condom of your liking.


Different shapes such as straight, indented on the sides or flared are easily available everywhere. They are available in several colours, textures (like ribbed, dotted etc) and flavours( designed so, to enhance oral sex). Several different sizes are also available in the market which adds to the myriad of options that you have.


With sizes varying in width, length and fit, add to the several varieties available and pick your choice.


How to use it?  Condoms are supposed to be used as a protective measure during sexual intercourse and need to be worn over an erect penis before penetration.


Handling condoms


It is always a good idea to be careful while handling condoms. Open the packet carefully to avoid tearing the condom. While wearing it, care should be taken to pull it up to the entire length of the penis and make sure that no harm is done to the condom during the process.


It is advised to check that the condom is in place and ensure that the rubber is not broken at any point during the intercourse.


After the penis has been pulled out with the condom in place, it needs to be removed before the erection dies down. A new condom should be used for every new penetration and condoms should not be reused as this can increases the chances of breakage and also affects its effectiveness in several ways.


Don't forget to check the expiry date of the condom you use.


What if?


It breaks...  Breakage happens in rare cases, mostly due to improper handling and use, but if it happens nevertheless; quickly halting the penetration and changing the condom is the only and very important requisite. Hence, it is advised that condom position and condition should be checked from time to time during sex. If at any point it is felt that there has been some breakage which leads to undesirable spilling of semen in the partner's body, emergency contraception should be taken at doctor's advice.


You are allergic?


Some people have shown allergic reactions to the commonly used latex condoms, if it is so in your case and if there is any undesirable allergic after effect of condoms, then don’t worry because in case of condoms, there is always a perfect type available to suit your needs.


For people allergic to latex, there are polyurethane condoms available in the market, which are thinner and more expensive. Moreover, unlike latex condoms, they require oil based lubricants. Though, both are equally strong and are less likely to break if used correctly.


Condoms are the way to go


With qualities that make it not only an excellent contraceptive but also prevents the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, with no side effects to haunt you afterwards, an almost unfailing reliability, extremely user friendly, and available in innumerable variations, condoms are one invention we can't be thankful enough for.


All these qualities in one package is a must have!


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