Factors Affecting Premium of Health Insurance

Updated at: Feb 24, 2011
Factors Affecting Premium of Health Insurance
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Health InsuranceWritten by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Feb 24, 2011

Just in the case of any other insurance, the premium for Health insurance too, depends on various factors which will assess the amount an individual pays out. At times, people may simplify the expenses of the premium as an added expense; however one must not forget that it is a precaution for a safe and secured future. It can help you save from huge losses; if at all the coverage plan is chosen and mapped out carefully.


1.    Age is an imperative factor which decided the premium. The older a person gets, the premium costs are higher as a senior person is more prone to grave illnesses.

2.    Another major factor which determines the premium cost is an individual’s previous medical history. If no prior medical history can be seen, then the premium will be considerably cheaper. However, if an individual has a severe medical history then the premium cost may be quite expensive.


3.    The premium cost also varies depending on the work atmosphere of an individual who is interested in buying an insurance policy. Apparently, the premium of a pilot will be much higher then that of a clerk. This is due to the fact that the job of a pilot involves more risks, thus they are more prone to future hazards than that of a clerk.


4.    Even the term of the policy aids in evaluating the premium. The longer the term is, cheaper is the premium and shorter the term is, expensive is the premium.


5.    Availing in claim free years can also be a factor for determining the expense of the premium as it may be advantageous with certain degree of discounts and so on. This will again aid you in choosing a cheaper premium.




Coinsurance is the segment of a health insurance plan which calls for you to pay a degree of the cover. This means that you’ll divide the expense of your healthcare with a person or a company who is providing you with insurance. For example, if your health insurance policy includes 80/20 co-insurance rate, your health insurance plan would have to pay for 80% of your appropriate medical costs and you are accountable to envelop the outstanding 20% of the operating expense.




Copayments are accessible on numerous individual health insurance plans. This is basically the amount you pay for a routine check up to the doctor or for a medicine prescription. In order to divide health care expenses, insurance companies use copayments.


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