High Time you Quit Throwing Junk into your Mouth and Eat these Face Saving Foods

Updated at: Nov 11, 2016
High Time you Quit Throwing Junk into your Mouth and Eat these Face Saving Foods

Foods that we do NOT eat in our daily lives are the ones that have the most nutrients and health benefits to reap from. Our expert tell us all the foods that help keep one's face healthy and young for ages.

Dr. Anjali Mukerjee
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Dr. Anjali MukerjeePublished at: Mar 24, 2014

It is rightly said that beauty is an inside job! Put your best face forward because it is really simple to have a good skin if you know what to eat and what not to eat. Whatever skin condition you may have, here are some of the most appropriate foods that you can eat to treat it.

Foods for face

Dry and Ageing skin with Wrinkles

Wrinkles usually form when the skin loses its elasticity and are to some extent, a result of aging. It is true that as we age our skin becomes dryer and thinner which lead to the formation of wrinkles. But nutritional blunders committed by us cause the same deterioration of the skin identical to that caused by aging. One such blunder is an inadequate intake of vitamin C. It helps to form the connective tissue, makes the skin supple and prevents it from drying. You need to take at least 500mg of vitamin C daily to get its skin-protecting benefit. Natural sources of vitamin C include guava, oranges, capsicums, cabbage, grape fruit, sour lime, papaya etc. Eating foods rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), such as salmon, flaxseed oil, almonds and walnuts is also advised.

Rosacea or Redness on the Face

Certain foods can trigger or worsen rosacea symptoms so it is suggested to avoid common triggers like hot and spicy foods, excess caffeine and alcohol, sunlight, stress, strenuous exercise, hot baths, certain drugs and skin care products. Eat lots of anti-oxidant-rich fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, carrots and strawberries.

A Puffy and Swollen Face

You will notice puffiness mostly on those days when you have eaten out the night before. Or you may have eaten salty or fatty food at home. Fats in the blood stream slow down circulation and salt draws fluids in the tissues causing them to swell. Excess fat consumption also causes hormonal imbalances that worsen swelling. Eat a low salt, low fat diet like curd, steamed vegetables and salads for a few days at dinnertime to flush away the edema (swelling) from the body.

foods that maintain facial glow


The exact cause of acne is not known but androgens, an oily skin and heredity do play a role.  You could also get eruptions on the skin when you put in a lot of toxins in your body by way of faulty food, some medicines especially steroids, oral contraceptives, antiepileptic drugs, exposure to pollutants,using poor quality cosmetics etc.  Constipation, not drinking sufficient water, consuming foods with a heaty effect like almonds, walnut, soyabean can also precipitate acne.  As diet influences hormones which in turn influence acne flare-ups, eating a low fat diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc seems to have a positive effect on the skin.

Here are some simple tips for a clear & glowing skin:

1.    Undergo a blood, liver and colon cleansing routine with your health care practitioner.

2.    Drink at least one litre of water on waking up. This helps to flush away toxins & discourages formation of wrinkles and acne.

3.    Increase fiber in your diet by eating more fruit, vegetables, whole grains like wheat bran, brown rice, nuts and seeds.

4.    Drink a glass of vegetable juice everyday.  For those who are constipated, a glass of palak and tomato juice works as a good laxative.  Just wash the leaves thoroughly and blend a few palak leaves and one tomato together into a paste.  Add water so that it has a drinkable consistency and lime and salt to taste. You can try other combinations like like carrot (1) + cucumber (1) + beetroot (1) or fruit juice like orange (1) + sweet lime (2) juice. These juices provide your body with antioxidants like vitamin C & A and bioflavonoids, which help the body to fight against free radical activity & prevent cellular damage to the cells.


5.    Reduce consumption of fried and junk food for a better skin.


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6.    If you have a dry skin, try eating a bowl of low fat curd for breakfast along with 6-8 almonds. In addition to this, prepare a mixture of crushed grapes & honey. Make a paste and apply it to your face. Leave it for 20-30 minutes & then rinse it off. Grapes are a good source of alpha hydroxy acids and collagen (a protein, that holds the skin together), which helps to prevent premature wrinkles.


7.    Practice skin-cleansing routine regularly. For e.g to clean large pores effectively, you could rub a mashed tomato over your face. It is rich in enzymes, which go deep into the pores, & cleans out dirt & excess oil. Avoid wearing too much make-up.  If you must, then use cosmetics which are water based not oil based, and most importantly clean your face off make-up with a good cleanser.


8.    Taking B-vitamins supplements along with the mineral zinc help in maintaining a healthy skin texture.


9.    Exercise helps to improve circulation. Better blood circulation means better bioavailability of nutrients and oxygen & a better skin glow.


10.    Stress is also known to precipitate poor face health. Vitamin E is useful at such stressful periods. Wheat germ, almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, soybeans are a good sources of vitamin E.


Your skin is a reflection of what you choose to eat & the life style that you follow. So, make sure that you are doing it right for your skin. Start by eating right.


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