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Eyelid Crease Treatment: Here’s The Complete Guide On It

Updated at: Aug 16, 2019
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Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Aug 16, 2019
Eyelid Crease Treatment: Here’s The Complete Guide On It

Cosmetic surgery to correct uneven eyelids is called blepharoplasty. During the procedure, excess skin, fat, and muscle is removed from your eyelids. The surgery can involve the upper and lower eyelids and entails making an incision along the crea

Do you look at the mirror and notice that you have uneven eyelids? Facial asymmetry is commonly seen in many people. The eyes are the only part of the body where even a man's difference in between the two eyes, can make your entire face look crooked and less appealing. Thus, the uneven eyes are a real cosmetic concern and should be taken care of, at the right time. Here, we briefly inform you about eyelid crease treatment.

Did you know what an eyelid is? It is a thin fold of skin that protects and covers your eye. Moreover, the eyelid crease plays an essential role in determining eyelid symmetry. Your upper eyelid crease is what determines if you have a single eyelid (monolid) or double eyelid. Moreover, some people tend to have a sharp ridge that means the eyelid may crease in that area while in case of few; it is not so.

Thus, for good cosmesis, the upper eyelid creases and folds must be in symmetry. Furthermore, the lid creases must be the same height above the high lid margins. The skin below the ridge needs to be smooth, and firmly attached to the tarsus, or, in cases with a short tarsus, adherent to the short tarsus and levator muscle up to the crease. While the skin above the ridge must be loosely attached so that it forms symmetric folds over the crease. Moreover, eyelids can be of different types too. 

Here are the different kinds of eyelid creases

Absent eyelid crease

This one is called as a monolid. This is so because there is no distinct eyelid crease which separates the lid into two parts. This occurs in the Oriental population & is treated with Double eyelid surgery.

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Multiple eyelid creases

Are you aware? Double eyelid surgery can be done to merge those multiple creases to form a single one. Are you aware? It is only after the double eyelid surgery, and those numerous creases can occur if the new wrinkle does not coincide with the previous ones.

Partial eyelid crease

The crease which is not well defined and may not extend through the eyelid. Furthermore, as you age, the crease can become defined because the skin which is above the crease tends to loosen.

Tapering eyelid crease with lateral flare

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Here, the outer part of one’s eyelid platform is more full than the central one.

The causes of eyelid crease asymmetry


Also known as droopy eyelid can be described as a condition which may affect one or both eyes. This condition can be present at birth itself (congenital ptosis). One can even suffer from it in later life, which is called as acquired ptosis. Ptosis can range in severity and lead the upper eyelids to droop low enough that they reduce or can block one’s vision. You will be shocked to know that ptosis can affect anyone, but it is commonly seen in adults. One can also get it owing to the trauma or a side effect of eye surgery. Not only this, even neurological conditions like stroke and tumors can also invite this condition.

Uneven fat distribution in the eyelids

Yes, anyone can have this uneven fat distribution in the eyelids. It is more common as one tends to age. One’s eyelids may stretch over the years, and the muscles which support them can weaken. Hence, this can lead to excess fat accumulation around your eyelids.

Other causes

Bell’s palsy (a paralysis or severe weakness of the facial muscles on one side of the face), and tics (a sudden and uncontrolled small movement, especially of the face, primarily because of a nervous illness), can be the causes as well.

Eyelid crease treatment

The symmetry between the eyelids is of utmost importance in achieving excellent cosmesis and superior patient satisfaction in unilateral ptosis. Thus, the treatment options for eyelid ptosis correction mainly depend upon creating better levator palpebrae superioris muscle (LPS) adhesion to the eyelid skin.

(With inputs from Dr. Debraj Shome, Cosmetic Surgeon & Directors of The Esthetic Clinics)

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