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Eye Tumour caused by Teeth Growth

Latest By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Aug 04, 2012
Eye Tumour caused by Teeth Growth

Unusual teeth growth caused eyetumour; removed by surgery.

Eye Tumour caused by Teeth Growth

The eye tumour of a woman had two fully grown teeth inside, which is said to be a rare case of orbital tetratoma. When doctors of Government Eye Hospital in Chennai tested the eyetumour of a woman, they found a condition which they had only read about in medical literature. It was the growth of the teeth that had blinded her.

The woman born with the condition is Nagabhushanam, 23, from Nellore in Andhra Pradesh, and she had a huge tumour on the left eye. Doctors have now removed the tumour with a rare surgery but it has damaged the optic nerve so much that she would not be able to regain vision again.

Nagabhushanam came to the Chennai hospital on 16th of July and asked for the tumour to be removed. She said that this tumour was small at birth but grew larger over the years. Apart from being unsightly, it also pushed her left eye inside and protruded the skin. The effect was blocking of her vision and damage to the optic nerve. Tests revealed to the doctors that there were two teeth inside and ophthalmologists identified them as orbital teratoma. According to hospital director Dr. K Vasantha, there are very few case histories of the condition that occurred to Nagabhushanam, who works as a domestic help.


History of Orbital Teratoma


It was found after research that the first case of this condition in the world was recognised 149 years ago. Since then, only 70 such cases have been found while according to medical journals, only two have been found in India.

In some cases of the condition, eye, foetal feet, hair or any other limb are found to develop in the tumour. These develop when adult cells that form these limbs enter the growth of optic cells. Only two cases of teeth being embedded in the tumour have been found in India, according to Dr. Vasantha.

In the case of Nagabhushanam, the doctors found another growth of tooth under her eye, after the protruding tumour was removed. It was found close to the cheekbone. Dr. Yogeshwari Alagappan, one of the surgeons who removed the tumour, said that they did not remove that growth as there was no possibility of it growing any more. Moreover, as it was not causing her pain, it was better to let it be because in any case, such growth is c.

Nagabhushanam is happy to have gotten rid of the burden as she had always considered the unsightly tumour to be a curse on her. She is relieved despite no possibility of her vision getting restored.




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