• Dr. Lakshmy

    Other Experts

    • Dr Nitin Shrivastava

      Dr Nitin Shrivastava

      A renowned urologist and kidney transplant expert, Dr. Ni...

    • Dr Chanchal Sharma
      BAMS-Ayurveda Expert

      Dr Chanchal Sharma

      Dr Chanchal Sharma, BAMS) DGO, MD- AM, D-Certified Course...

    • Vesna Jacob
      Pilates & Holistic Fitness Guru-Fitness

      Vesna Jacob

    • Dr. Geeta Grewal
      Cosmetic Surgeon

      Dr. Geeta Grewal

      A trained cosmetic surgeon, Dr Geeta Grewal is a master ...

    • Latika Narang
      Mental Health Expert

      Latika Narang

      Latika Narang is a Tech entrepreneur turned psychotherapi...

    • Dr Raviraj Ahiirrao
      Vastu Expert

      Dr Raviraj Ahiirrao

      Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao is a pioneer in the field of “Vastush...

    • Swati Bathwal
      Dietitian and Diabetes Educator

      Swati Bathwal

      Swati is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Accredited S...

    • Jyotika Mehta Bedi
      Human Development Expert

      Jyotika Mehta Bedi

      Jyotika Bedi is a known and experienced education guidanc...

    • Dr Swarnima Agrahari
      MBBS, MS Ophthalmology

      Dr Swarnima Agrahari

      Dr. Swarnima Agrahari has done her MBBS & MS in Ophthalmo...

    • Dr Santosh Kumar Dora
      Senior Cardiologist, Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai

      Dr Santosh Kumar Dora

      Dr. Santosh Kumar Dora has done his MD from Orissa, DM fr...

    • Sucheta Pal
      Zumba Expert

      Sucheta Pal

      Sucheta Pal, first ambassador and education specialist fo...

    • Dr. Rita Bakshi

      Dr. Rita Bakshi

      Dr. Bakshi sees herself as a catalyst, which has helped i...

    • Paras Tomar
      Grooming Expert

      Paras Tomar

      Anchor, actor, amateur guitar player, fitness enthusiast,...

    • Dr Sonia Rawat
      Preventive Health & Wellness

      Dr Sonia Rawat

      Dr Sonia Rabat is an MBBS, MRCP. She is a director of pre...

    • Anup Dhir
      Cosmetic & Aesthetic

      Anup Dhir

      Dr. Anup Dhir specialises in cosmetic & aesthetic surgery...

    • Neera Dhingra

      Neera Dhingra

      Health and wellness writer, Senior Nutrition Consultant &...

    • Blossam Kochhar

      Blossam Kochhar

      Sector Skills Council, NSDC (National Skill Development C...

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