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Exercises that you Should Try to Get that Perfect Pout

Exercise & Fitness By Tilottama Chatterjee , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Aug 02, 2018
Exercises that you Should Try to Get that Perfect Pout

Apart from working out for abs and biceps, you can also do so for your face. Know some cool lip and face exercises to look better.

You work out for your body, trying to attain your optimum shape and size, sometimes concentrating on specific areas, for maybe a washboard flat stomach, or a toned shapely back; then why not for your face? Facial muscles need to be worked on as regularly as any other part of the body, and lips being a prominent feature of your face, you need to work extra hard on them. After all, though everyone may not have a pout like Angelina Jolie, all of us owe it to ourselves to bring what we have to its utmost beauty. The right exercises can ensure that.

Asha Bachanni, aesthetic consultant and founder of Face Gym India, says that lip exercises can start as early as eighteen years of age, and can then be continued for the rest of our lives. At a young age, these exercises help in cell renewal. With age, they rejuvenate the cells, helping to minimize signs of ageing. She suggests a few exercises that should be practised regularly. She recommends doing them at least five times a week for great results.

  • Smile and pucker: Push your lips inside the mouth in such a way that they cover your teeth. Stretch into a wide smile, hold for two counts, then pucker them. Do the smile to pucker movement  ten times. Beneficial for the muscles surrounding the mouth, known as orbicularis oris.
  • Purse them hard: Purse your lips and press them hard over your teeth. Hold for ten counts, and repeat ten times. These exercises are also very good for the same group of muscles as mentioned above.
  • Make a fish face: Suck in your cheeks between your two sets of teeth, to make a fish mouth. Hold on for five counts, and then stretch your mouth into a wide smile, keeping teeth apart and lips pressed hard on teeth. Do the whole thing 10 times. These exercises will benefit the jawline and chin.
  • Pout and rotate: With your lips in a pout, rotate them, first clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Ten times in each direction done everyday will tone your lips as well as your cheeks.
  • Smile and pout: Holding your lips together by hand, smile and hold for five counts. Change to a pout and hold for eight counts. Repeat ten times. Great for lifting droopy corners of the mouth and for toning cheeks.
  • Lo and behold: Cover your lower teeth by bringing the lower lip inside your mouth. Slowly bring it out, stretching the lower jaw and hold for five counts. Do ten repeats.
  • Touch your nose: Try touching your nose with your lips pursed. Hold for eight counts, repeating ten times for best results.

It is a well-documented fact that lips become thinner with progressive age. According to Ms Bachanni, practising these exercises everyday will not only help maintain the volume, but will also prevent loosening of muscles surrounding the lip area. However, she emphasises that already thin lips will not gain volume with these exercises, because muscle mass in all other parts of the body can be made to increase with exercise, but not so with lips.

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