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Exercise can improve sleep quality among teens: study

Latest By Varsha Vats , Onlymyhealth editorial team / May 23, 2019
Exercise can improve sleep quality among teens: study

According to a recent study teens who workout during the day get better sleep at night. Know other health benefits of exercise for teens.

Inadequate sleep is a common problem among teens which further triggers various health problems. A proper sleep is responsible for various factors inside the human body. Most teens are involved in unhealthy habits which leads to sleep deprivation. According to a recent study, exercise can help teens to sleep better.

Regular exercise offers you multiple health benefits. It can help you stay fit and healthy. But exercise can also help in improving sleep quality among teens at night. A recent study highlights the benefits of exercising in improving sleeping pattern among teens.

The research was published in the Scientific Reports journal and was conducted at Pennsylvania State University, US. The study claimed that teenagers who workout during the day sleep for a longer time than those who do not work out at all.

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"Adolescence is a critical period to obtain adequate sleep, as sleep can affect cognitive and classroom performance, stress, and eating behaviours," said Lindsay Master, a data scientist at Pennsylvania State University, US.

"Our research suggests that encouraging adolescents to spend more time exercising during the day may help their sleep health later that night," Master added.

The findings of the study depict that teenagers who work out during the day fell asleep 18 minutes earlier and also for 10 minutes longer. The teens also experienced one percent greater experience at night.

However, proper sleeping patterns were not observed among teenagers who slept for a while during the day. "You can think of these relationships between physical activity and sleep almost like a teeter-totter," noted Orfeu Buxton, Professor at Penn State.

"When you're getting more steps, essentially, your sleep begins earlier, expands in duration, and is more efficient. Whereas if you're spending more time sedentary, it's like sitting on your sleep health: sleep length and quality goes down," Buxton added.

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The researchers claimed that better sleep and exercise go hand in hand.

Other health benefits of exercising regularly for teenagers may include:

  • It will help the teenagers to maintain a healthy weight
  • Exercise will strengthen bones and muscles among teenagers
  • Teenagers often experience mood swings which can also be controlled with regular exercise
  • Exercise will also the teens to reduce the risk of various diseases and will keep them healthy on a daily basis
  • Maintaining a healthy skin can also become easy with the help of exercises
  • Regular exercise will also help in maintaining a healthy and sharp mind
  • Teens can involve exercises like jogging, swimming, planks, aerobics, dance, cycling or crunches
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