Even Moms are Training for Olympics Glory

    Even Moms are Training for Olympics Glory

    Even moms are training for Olympics glory: Motherhood is not stopping Indian women from not only pursuing their professional sports career but also aspiring for highest sporting glory, a medal in Olympics.

    Sportswomen in India used to end their career after becoming mothers but no longer. Not only are some of them pursuing their career, but even training to achieve Olympics glory. These moms have endured time away from their families in a bid to bring the highest sporting glory to the country.

    For these mothers, staying away from their children for long durations as they toil and sweat in national camps is worth the pain to train for their event. As a part of the 83 member Indian contingent for the Olympics, the moms Krishna Poonia (discus), Sahana Kumari (high jump) and Mary Kom (boxing) are as spirited as any of the other athletes in training for their respective sports. The hardships that they need to face while training is accentuated by the pain of staying away from their kids for long.


    What these mom athletes have to endure


    Discus thrower Krishna Poonja is a 32 years old mom with an 11-year-old kid. She has already clinched an athletics gold in the Commonwealth Games, the first woman from India to do so, and she is all set to participate in her second Olympics appearance this year.

    Krishna Poonja’s coach is her husband Virender Poonja and their child Lakshay Raj wanted to watch her mother perform in London. But as both of them would be busy, he has been asked to stay. So, he had to stay back in India and watch her mother on television. Krishna said that her son never complains about not finding enough time to be with her. Krishna had won her first international medal after she had become a mother.

    For 29-year-old Mary Kom, this year’s Olympics would her first. She is a mother of twin boys and wants to give India a medal in Olympics. She is grateful to her husband and his family to support her in her endeavour. The feisty woman is a determined lot and willing to leave her son suffering from a congenital heart disease in hospital to take part in Asia Cup event organised in China. Her dedication has paid off too as she has won the World Championships five times.

    31-year-old Sahana Kumari is the mother of a six-year-old girl child Pavana. She had to clear 1.92 metres in high jump to achieve the B standard. This is what allowed her to make it to the Olympics.

    It is hoped that the sacrifice and feisty nature of these sportswomen would result in great performances and encourage more women to take part in sports.


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