Energy Healing to Treat Cancer: Is it Possible?

Updated at: Mar 14, 2014
Energy Healing to Treat Cancer: Is it Possible?

Alternative therapies deal with the energy within the human body as its practitioners believe that we fall ill due to an imbalance in the energy. Here is a look at its effectiveness for cancer.

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Alternative therapies has come a long way and have entered the medical consciousness of people, so much so that now we are talking about treatment cancer with energy healing. Here is a look at how energy healing can be used as an alternative treatment for cancer.

This therapy is actually the use of energy fields and energy therapy is based on the belief that by altering the energy fields around a person’s body can affect the healing and wellness of that person. When you manipulate the energy fields then it stimulates the healing by restoring balance in the human body. This then opens the flow of energy through it. Those who are practitioners of energy therapies believe that the illnesses occur because there happens to be an imbalance in the energies, or even because the energy blockages in the human body. They also believe that energy therapies could cure people of such illnesses that include cancer. These therapies also happen to speed the chance of recovery, reduce pain and also strengthen the patient’s immune system.

treating cancer with healing energy

The Usage of Energy Healing

The energy therapies that are given to the patient happens to focus on either energy fields that have come from within the patient’s body, which is often called biofields or external energy fields such as electromagnetic fields.

Electromagnetic Therapy

The therapies are electromagnetic based, involving the use of electricity, microwaves, infrared energy, magnetic fields and other such sources of energy. This means that these therapies correct the energy imbalances with the help of electromagnetic energy that is applied from outside the body and is usually done with some type of electronic device. You can find various electromagnetic devices on the market and manufacturers even claim that some of these devices have in fact been used as an alternative to conventional cancer treatment. The therapies include Bio Resonance Tumour Therapy, Rife Therapy, and Zapping Machine.

Biofield Therapy

This kind of therapy is believed to affect the energy fields that are within and around the patient’s body. The problem is that science has not proven whether such an energy field actually exists around the body of a person. There are some forms of energy therapy that tend to manipulate the energy fields by applying gentle pressure or even by placing hands in and through these energy fields. The therapies include reiki which is a Japanese form of energy healing, healing touch, and therapeutic touch.

healing energy

The problem with energy based healing is that energy cannot be easily measured and therefore cannot be easily researched on.

The effectiveness of such therapies has been reported by individuals mostly, and has been based on small studies. Ultimately the truth is that there is no scientific evidence to support the claims of these energy healing modes. Patients are very much advised to consult doctors and specialists before they begin to start such a therapy.

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