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Eco Friendly Diapers for Newborn Baby

Updated at: Oct 24, 2011
Newborn Care
Written by: Rory CoenPublished at: Oct 21, 2011
Eco Friendly Diapers for Newborn Baby

Newborn Care- Are eco friendly diapers really your baby's friend?

Baby is sleepingIf you are feeling guilty about using disposable diapers – or you are worried about the perpetual expense of disposable diapers - and you wish to switch to an eco friendly alternative, then there are great options in the market to facilitate this. The decision to choose this method will probably add to your work load, but it is to be commended all the same. This article will help you choose an eco friendly diaper for your newborn baby.

There are a couple of important factors to be considered when you choose a diaper for your proper care of your newborn, namely containment, convenience and cost. Fitted diapers – for example - are suitable for containment, as they cover over pre-folds and inhibit leakages.


Fitted Diapers


However, these fitted diapers will be more expensive as you need to buy more as the baby grows. There is also a “one size” cloth which works on a baby who is 8-35 months, but you are probably compromising on containment here. There is no guarantee that these “one size” diapers will hold everything and you may end up with soiled bed clothes. So it’s recommended to buy a newborn diaper and then evolve to a fitted diaper once the baby grows a little and gets a little stronger.

Many parents choose these eco-friendly diapers for the cost benefits, but again, there is no guarantee that the money saved will compensate for the convenience and time lost. As we know babies tend to soil and soak these diapers numerous times a day, so whilst the disposable ones are designed to be tossed into the trash straight away, the eco-friendly cloth ones have to be laundered. Since they’ll be washed and dried numerous times a week, then they’ll need to be of a high quality (very durable fabric), and this doesn’t come cheap.

A baby has on average 10 bowel movements a day, which means you’ll probably need a fresh diaper for each of these. If you are going to do the baby’s laundry twice or three times a week, then you could be looking at buying three dozen of these eco-friendly diapers for newborns. Remember that while you might be saving money on the cost of buying disposable diapers, think of the extra work involved, as well as the thoughts of these diapers in the laundry waiting to be washed.

The choice is yours to make which option you wish to take, and there are positives and negatives for each one. Obviously if cost is a major factor for you, then you will need to give the eco friendly diapers for newborns option serious consideration. If you are a trying to hold down a job and also look after your baby – and convenience is paramount – then you’ll choose the alternative.


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