Eating While in Labour

Updated at: Jan 31, 2012
Eating While in Labour

Eating while in Labour - Having your favourite snacks while in labour can help you keep yourself distracted from the pain but you can do so only after following some guidelines.

Pratima Sharma
PregnancyWritten by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Dec 15, 2011

Eat in pregnancyOne of the best ways to deal with labour related discomfort is to be eating while in labour. Munching on your favourite snacks could provide for positive distractions thereby, helping you deal with the grind. Doctors, however, would prefer you to confine to certain guidelines with respect to eating while in labour. For instance, if you are in complex labour, you might be allowed only liquids for consumption and so on. Once your doctor shows a green flag on eating your choice of items, you can instruct your nurses and midwives accordingly, to provide you with something you’ve been yearning for.

Eating While in Labour—Items to Consider

  • If your doctor has advised liquid diet for you, it would be wise to stick to clear variants that are preferably homemade. For instance, consider warm chicken or vegetable broth that has been prepared at home. Ensure that it contains less salt.
  • In beverages, you can try water, fruit juices without the pulp, sports drinks, carbonated beverages, clear tea as well as black coffee.
  • If the breathing exercises have left you with a parched throat, ice chips are one of the most convenient solutions available. Sucking on them would keep you refreshed and hydrated. If you prefer a home based delivery, you would need someone to have them make ready for you. Hospitals would be providing you with a ready supply as and when you require them.
  • If you are allowed to have solids, consider munching on items that are light yet tasty. Do not forget to include items you particularly like. Some options could be a light pudding, toast with jam, some cereals, honey sticks, jell-o and so on. Refrain from snacking on oily or greasy items that are likely to make you sluggish and lethargic.
  • In case you need an energy boost up, consider some readymade snacks that would pack in high energy. Some options could be butter crackers, lean meat cuts, fruit, cheese and so on.
  • Suck on some sorbet or popsicles during a labour session to overcome it effectively. If you land ones that are made from real fruit, you would get your doze of vitamins as well. Furthermore, if you have been craving ice creams, these popsicles would be a better alternative. Dairy based ice creams might be difficult to digest at this time.

When you plan your schedule for eating while in labour, always remember that your metabolism would progressively slow down at this time. Therefore, prefer eating in small quantities at regular intervals for speedy digestion.


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