Eating Nuts may Improve Heart Health Among People with Type-2 Diabetes

Eating Nuts may Improve Heart Health Among People with Type-2 Diabetes

A good news for all Type-2 diabetes patients. Eating a handful of nuts can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease among Type-2 diabetes patients.

Nuts are extremely healthy for everyone but now according to a recent study nuts are more beneficial among people with Type-2 diabetes. People suffering from type-2 diabetes are at an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol and stroke. But according to the recent study eating a handful of nuts daily will reduce the risk of heart diseases in people with Type-2 diabetes.

A person should particularly consume tree nuts. Tree nuts may include walnuts, almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts, pistachios, pecans, macadamias, hazelnuts and pine nuts. In the study, it was observed that even a small amount of nuts can leave a noticeable effect. 

The study was reported in the Circulation Research journal. However, the study did not explain the exact biological mechanism of nuts on heart health. But the study mentioned a clear relation between nuts and improved blood sugar levels, blood pressure levels, metabolism of fats, inflammation and function of blood vessels.

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"Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death and a major cause of heart attacks, strokes and disability for people living with Type-2 diabetes," said Prakash Deedwania, Professor at the University of California-San Francisco. 

During the study, 16,217 people were examined before and after the onset of Type-2 diabetes. After the diagnosis of Type-2 diabetes, it was noticed that people who consumed nuts had 11 percent lower risk of cardiovascular diseases, 15 percent lower risk of coronary heart disease, 25 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease death and 27 percent lower risk of premature death.

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"Efforts to understand the link between the two conditions are important to prevent cardiovascular complications of Type-2 diabetes and help people make informed choices about their health," Deedwania added. 

A Type-2 diabetic can consume a handful of nuts on daily basis. It will also provide other health benefits to the patient.

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