Eating on the go: Tips for eating right in a tight schedule

Updated at: Feb 04, 2013
Eating on the go: Tips for eating right in a tight schedule
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Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Feb 04, 2013

Getting late for office? Have to leave the kids to school? Does this happen often with you? The hectic pace of everyday life and the confusion at home and work leaves most of us with little time to cook healthy meals. Many of us hence try to avoid eating breakfast and/or taking something to eat during the day. But these practices are definitely harmful for your health.


Skipping breakfast and eating out regularly can lead to overeating and eating unhealthy foods throughout the day. However cumbersome and tiring cooking may seem a few tips that can help you to make eating on-the-go easy and healthful:

  • Plan your meals and snacks. Rather than cooking or buying at the last minute decide on the meals and snacks you want in advance. This will give you time to get the healthy things that you need for your cooking.
  • Make a menu so that you know what you have to prepare the next day. This will allow you to plan your work and cooking. Making a menu will help you to include foods from all the major food groups.
  • To have a little more time in the morning do some preparation the night before
  • Plan recipes which are easy to cook and will take less time. Look for newer recipes in your cook book or on the net.
  • If you have a busy schedule have frozen or canned vegetables, beans, and fruits in your freezer to prepare quick and healthy meals.
  • If you have to eat outside choose healthy foods like salad and grilled chicken sandwiches rather than burgers, with cheese and fries.
  • Take fruits, sandwich or some other easy to prepare thing and a water bottle. When you get hungry, on way or at work you can enjoy the healthy foods.
  • Eat healthy snacks like fruits, yogurt, popcorn rather than fries or potato chips for you way

Most importantly if you have had some unhealthy food during the day make your next meal healthy. Eating healthy is a lifelong habit but some slip ups do happen. Remember that healthy eating gives you the energy your body needs to function well and remain healthy. 


So make healthy food choices.


People are often confused about the food choices that they need to make while they are traveling. Many people let their eating patterns go for a toss while they are on the move. Understanding the basics of nutrition and applying the same guidelines will ensure that you get a healthy meal most of the times, even though you may be traveling.


Tips while eating on the move


Reading food labels and planning your meal before the travel schedule is another way of ensuring that you are eating right when you are traveling. Carrying convenience foods that are nutritionally sound can also be of help. The following are some guidelines that can be considered while eating on the move.

  1. Try to maintain the same meal pattern that is eating in every 2-3 hours. Long gaps will only lead to overeating later.
  2. Fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy options.
  3. Fresh yoghurt or skimmed milk are good food choices.
  4. Ensure that you can manage a good breakfast. Avoid oily snacks for breakfast. Bread and jam or bread and butter are not healthy choices.
  5. Try to have a balanced meal. Each meal should contain a planned amount of complex carbohydrates, protein and good fat.
  6. Musseli bars, protein bars etc are good in between fillers.
  7. Oats, wheat flakes, broken wheat, Musseli and so on are good snack choices.
  8. While eating outside, ensure that you don’t chose fried, salted and coconut based foods such as thick gravies and so on.
  9. Sauces, oily dressings, mayonnaise and so on need to be avoided completely.
  10. Thin buttermilk, coconut water, lime juice are good fillers.
  11. Water is a health drink and helps regulate important functions in the body.
  12. Red meats and or...


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