Eating Food for two could Make Pregnant Women Fat

Mar 03, 2014

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pregnancy weight gain riskIn a new study it has been revealed that women who are obese during pregnancy tend to eat for two and are more likely to gain too much weight. Now researchers have cautioned saying that too much weight gain during pregnancy could lead to long term weight problems. This could also mean a premature delivery. It is therefore important for women to consult her doctor regarding weight gain limits after pregnancy.

The study leader Cynthia Chuang who is an associate professor of medicine and public health sciences at Penn State College of Medicine said, “Women who closely monitor their weight gain during pregnancy can prevent future complications."

During the study researchers questioned 29 overweight women who had recently given birth regarding their diet. They were asked whether or not they had morning sickness and whether they exercised during their pregnancy. Experts say that women who are normal weight tend to gain 6.8 to 15.8 kilograms during their pregnancy and overweight women should gain 6.8 to 11 kilograms, while obese ones should ideally gain only 5 to 9 kilograms.

Those women who gained more than that what was recommended for them were believed to be eating for two. The researchers also said that these were the women who exercise less than usual while they were pregnant and also made less healthy food choices and easily gave into their cravings.

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