Eat More Chocolate, Weigh Less?

Updated at: Apr 02, 2012
Eat More Chocolate, Weigh Less?

People who have more chocolates weigh less, according to a study.

Vatsal Anand
LatestWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Mar 30, 2012

Eat More Chocolate Weight Less

People looking to lose weight would most probably think that they need to go through pull-ups, jogging and strictly nutritious food with fruits and vegetables as the main ingredients. However, having chocolates can help them lose weight too, according to a study. A new study by US government on 1000 adults has shown that people who ate chocolates frequently weigh less than those who ate it less frequently.

Researchers of the study have reported that people who were used to eating chocolate five times a week had a BMI one point lesser than those who ate chocolate frequently. This evaluation is based on taking averages. For a 5 feet 6 inches tall woman whose weight is around 65 kg, one point in BMI scale means around 2.5 kg. The other point to be noted was that the people who reported eating more chocolates also had more of saturated fats and in fact, consumed more calories.

Researchers are of the opinion that the high calorie intake of people who ate more was being offset by other ingredients or factors that increase metabolism. They said that modest amount of chocolate may be working as free calories in some people or even better than free. This was not a unanimous opinion as some nutritionists expressed their doubts about the property of chocolate to reduce weight. According to one of them, Nancy Copperman, RD, CDN, director of public health initiatives at the North Shore-LIJ Health System in Great Neck, N.Y; it does not convince you to recommend chocolate as a weight loss food.

Despite this cynicism, some experts are of the opinion that chocolate has some good properties that make it useful for people who want to lose their weight. In particular, the dark variety of chocolate which does not contain a lot of sugar has a lot of health benefits.




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