Eat Breakfast to Avoid Junk Food

Oct 18, 2012

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Eat Breakfast to Avoid Junk Food

So, in case if you have skipped your breakfast this morning then this is for you, it was not a very good idea. Because, as per a recent study, by now you must have munched on some junk food, or at least you did crave for them. The study says that your brain deceives you into craving for unhealthy and high calorie foods in case you miss breakfast.


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Researcher Tony Goldstone, of the MRC Clinical Science Centre at Imperial College London, scanned the brains of 21 men and women, all around the age of 25, to find that those who skipped their meals and found that the mechanisms are such that it could explain this much of this problem. Prolonged fasting has been found to be the cause for which one’s brain craves for higher calorie food. On one of the days, the volunteers had to skip breakfast before their scans; and on the other, they were given a 750-calorie breakfast of cereals, bread and jam an hour beforehand. It was found that when the volunteers had skipped breakfast, they ate around 20 per cent more at lunch (and rated the high-calorie foods as more appealing than when they are fed), compared with days when they had eaten a normal breakfast.


So scramble the eggs, toast the bread, fry some salami and hit the road to a healthy life.


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