Easy ways to lose weight without exercise

Updated at: Sep 07, 2017
Easy ways to lose weight without exercise

Losing weight doesn’t always mean you have to engage in cardio exercises and high-intensity workout. Here are some tips for reducing weight without getting involved in physical training.

Himanshu Sharma
Weight ManagementWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Sep 07, 2017

Weight loss without physical training is one of the methods adopted by people with medical conditions to shed off extra fats. First and the foremost principle of losing weight is burning more calories than consumed. This can either be achieved through dietary changes or physical training. A combination of these two activities is agreed to be the best way of doing it. However, those who cannot perform aerobic and physical-training activities can also lose weight by structuring their diet plan.

Low caloric intake

Lowering caloric intake gradually reflects on your weight. Food of daily regimen should be replaced with healthier and low calorie substitutes. Try and include foods containing omega-3 fatty acids in the dietary regimen. These promote weight loss by improving metabolic activity. These must be some dietary pattern which not reduces calorie consumption but is considerably easy to adhere to. For example, sweetened desserts can be replaced with fruits like apple or berries.

Eating frequently keep a tab on hunger, which enables you to stick with the dietary regimen. Start your day with a breakfast immediately as you wake up. Intervals between eating should not be exceeded by four hours. Reduce portion sizes in every meal, although make sure there is ample quantity of proteins, healthy fat, carbohydrates and fiber in the diet.

Medical supervision

In order to lose weight without participating in physical exercises, one can partner with a dietician or nutrition experts for deciding on the dietary plan. Consult him regarding existing diet pattern along with medical conditions. Therefore, establish short-term and long-term goals.

Usually, nutrition experts encourage participation in low calorie diets, which means lowering caloric intake by 700 to 800 per day. For quick results, dieticians also recommend single food diets like cabbage soups for days. In this manner, consultation with nutrition expert is more likely to fetch desired results for you.

Other important aspects to be accounted

A planned way of reducing weight without exercises renders several health benefits. However, the program has no impact on aerobic capacity and fitness. This aspect creates a distinction between weight reduction techniques with exercise and without. Among other benefits of losing weight with exercise are improving endurance, strength and flexibility. Therefore, all these aspects need to be considered before making a final call to go on with the activity.

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