Easy tips to fix droopy eyes

Jun 29, 2015

Quick Bites:
  • Eye makeup is an instant way to freshen up saggy eyelids.
  • Soothe your eyes using ice and cucumber.
  • Applying green and chamomile tea help reduce swelling of the eyes.
  • Concentrating eye exercises help too.

We have to deal with skin ageing sooner than later. Our skin loses collagen and elastin, which results in loss of skin volume and elasticity. This is the reason why your eyelids sag – also known as ptosis.

Droopy eyelids are most commonly caused by skin ageing. However, other factors such as heredity can also make your eyelids droop. When your upper eyelids drop, they rest on your eyelashes, giving you an older, tired or angry look.

A lot of women choose surgery to fix those saggy eyes, but before considering that option, take a look at our natural and easy tips to fix droopy eyes.

Droopy eyes

Eye makeup

You can freshen up your eyes and make them appear bigger by choosing the right eye-shadow. Go for light colours to brighten your eyes up. On days when you want to give your eyes some depth, create a nice crease under your upper eyelid using darker eye-shadow. Shaping your eyebrows is one simple step to keep your eyes looking bigger.

Instant eye-lifting strips

A new cosmetic invention, thin translucent strips can be placed under your eyelids to give your eyes an instant lift. These strips create a gorgeous and natural looking crease under your eyelids. You might still want to use some makeup to get a result similar to real surgical eye lift.

Provide cooling effect to the eyes

Using ice on your eyes reduces swelling and constricts blood vessels. You may alternate between ice cubes and cucumber slices for the anti-inflammatory properties of the latter. Cucumber also decreases swelling in the applied area by preventing water retention in that area.

Another cooling agent for your eyes is green tea, which contains ample polyphenols. It protects your eyes from sunlight and has shown to increase production of elastin – a fibruous protein that improves skin’s elasticity – when taken orally or applied topically. You could also use chamomile tea to calm and soothe your tired eyes.

Exercise your eyes

Your eye muscles should be exercised regularly to prevent ageing. Do the following eye exercise at your convenience. They do not need any equipment or much time.

  • Using two fingers, press the side of each temple, closing and opening your eyes simultaneously. Repeat 10 times.
  • Sitting upright, focus on something placed in front of you. Keep your eyes open and look up and down, keeping your head still.
  • Sit upright, focus on something in front of you and move your eyes to your sides without moving your head.


Care for your skin

The skin around your eyes is already more sensitive compared with other skin areas that you need to care for it better. Use mild cleansers to cleanse, nurture and moisturise your eyes on a daily basis. Also, make sure to apply quality makeup and remove it before going to bed.

Caring for your eyes

Be careful under sunlight

The skin around your eyelids can be affected by premature ageing caused by UVA and UVB rays that may change the DNA and structure of skin cells. Make sure you wear an SPF 15 around your eyes and then shade them with sunglasses. Hats may provide added advantage so, don’t shy away from it.

Applying egg white with the help of a cotton swab onto closed eyelids has also been noted by some women to help drooping eyes. If you’ve been struggling with this, try our easy tips to fix droopy eyes and rejoice!

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