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Ease your lower back pain with these simple yet effective lower back exercises

Exercise & Fitness By Yashmeen Manak , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Nov 06, 2017
Ease your lower back pain with these simple yet effective lower back exercises

If you are suffering from lower back pain, getting active may help you. Yes, some back exercises can help you get relief from your back pain.

Lower back pain may make you feel like resting but the fact is that when in pain, some exercises can help you ease the pain. Yes, certain set of workouts are capable of easing a back pain, especially lower back pain.

Here are some exercises that you can do at home and that can help you cure your lower back pain.


  • Lie face down on an exercise or yoga mat with the legs straight and feet fixed on the floor.
  • Interlock the fingers and keep both hands, with palms facing down, against the forehead.
  • Keeping the arms and shoulders relaxed; use the lower back muscles to raise the torso off the floor.
  • Note: Avoid jerky movements and raise the upper body slowly under control.

Back extensions method

  • Lie on the floor, with your face facing downwards and your hands lightly cradling the head.
  • Lift your upper body a few inches off the ground and hold for 2-4 counts.
  • Now dial down to the starting position and repeat exercise for 8- 10 times.
  • Make sure you are aligning your head and neck with your spine.
  • Now, rest the upper body and work the lower body by lifting both the feet off the ground keeping legs straight.
  • Hold for 2-4 counts.
  • Now take your legs back to the starting position and repeat for 8-10 times.


The basic crunch

  • Lie on your back on an exercise or yoga mat with your hands behind the head, knees bent, feet flat and slightly apart on the floor.
  • Using the abdominal muscles (by contracting them), raise the shoulders off the floor. While going up, round the back and roll the spine upwards.
  • Slowly come down to the initial position.

Note: Do not push the head with the hands and do not try to go up with jerky movements. Keep the chin tucked in but do not let it dig into the chest.

Reverse crunch

  • Lie on the back with the arms extended downwards towards the feet and palms on the floor.
  • Place the hands under the lower back and hip. Legs bent at 90 degrees up in the air.
  • Using the abdominal muscle that is contracting them, roll the spine and the hips upwards so that the knees come towards the face.
  • Slowly go down without changing the angle of the legs.

Note: Do not extend the legs while lifting the hips off the floor. Keep the knees together and the legs strictly bent at 90 degrees.

Side lying shoulder and double leg raise

  • Lie on the side with the legs extended and the body in a straight line.
  • Extend the lower arm so that it is perpendicular to the body.
  • Keep the upper arm by the side aligned with the body.
  • Balance and slowly raise the lower shoulder (the one touching the floor) and both the legs off the floor simultaneously. This works the side (waist) facing upwards.  Come down slowly.
  • After completing a set of certain repetitions, repeat the procedure on the other side.

Waist method

This exercise can be done while cooking or even during the commercial breaks to tone your waist.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and lean to the left, reaching towards the floor as far as you can with the right hand on your hip.
  • Perform ten repetitions and repeat on the opposite side.
  • Here is another exercise that can be done while chatting with your family.
  • Sit on the floor with the legs open as wide as possible and clasp your hands behind your head.
  • Keeping the back straight and the elbows back, move down towards the floor.
  • Come up and reach down to the other side with your left elbow.

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