Early Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Updated at: Apr 02, 2012
Early Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Early Symptoms of Lung Cancer: What are the early symptoms of lung cancer that you need to understand for getting it treated as soon as diagnosing the malady? Understanding the early symptoms is important for smokers as well as non-smokers, as it

Himanshu Sharma
CancerWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Apr 02, 2012

Early symptoms of lung cancer are difficult to figure out, as most of the signs become prominent in the advanced stages. With understanding of the disease, one can prevent the onset of advanced stages by seeking much needed medical attention.

Lung cancer first symptom is usually heart problems or pneumonia, which must be followed by medical screening for being certain of the condition. Mentioned below are some of the other signs and symptoms of lung cancer.

Symptoms of Lung Cancer

  1. Persistent condition of cough in a smoker or in an individual who gave up smoking could be a sign of lung cancer. Coughing condition worsening everyday despite medication raises the lung cancer concern.
  2. Coughing up blood, which is also termed as ‘hemoptysis’, is another initial sign of having a lung cancer.
  3. Chest pain is also associated with the lung cancer, which is experienced by most of the individuals affected by lung cancer. This pain is although dull, but is persistent.
  4. Breath shortness is another sign of the malady, wherein respiratory airway gets blocked due to collection of fluid around the lung.
  5. Hoarseness or wheezing, which occurs as a result of blocked lungs, is another symptom of lung cancer.
  6. Respiratory infections like bronchitis or pneumonia are also the signs of a lung cancer.
  7. Lung cancer spreading to the bones produces excruciating pain. If it gets to brain, individual can experience several neurologic defects such as blurred vision, headaches, seizures and loss of sensation in various body parts.
  8. Several non-specific conditions are associated with lung cancer, which include depression, sudden weight loss, pain in joints and persistent weakness.

Other Important Considerations

  1. Discuss your medical and social history with expert for figuring out the condition precisely.
  2. Screenings like chest X-ray, sputum cytology are necessary for examining the extent of condition.
  3. Get it treated as soon as possible, as there are fair chances of lung cancer tumour spreading to other organs. Delay in treating the tumour could be life-threatening, as the tumour becomes inoperable after some time and all treatments are vain.


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