Do You Love Dunking Biscuits In The Tea? Watch Out!

Updated at: Jul 29, 2020
Do You Love Dunking Biscuits In The Tea? Watch Out!

Tea with biscuits is an irresistible combo but you should avoid it. Make sure to check the nutrition label for unhealthy ingredients.

Gandharv Gulati
MiscellaneousWritten by: Gandharv GulatiPublished at: Jul 29, 2020

Milk tea and biscuits go hand in hand. Admit it or not, we all love dunking biscuits in the tea. It just completes the purpose of drinking tea, isn’t it? In fact, most people cannot do without tea, if you are one of them, we have important news to share with you. This small happiness can do big harm to your health. The tea and biscuit combo is loaded with calories that may make you gain weight.

If you are a tea and biscuit fan, you should know that this combination is a bane for your health. This is because of their high-calorie content which contributes to your daily calorie count. If you are a health-conscious person who likes to keep a tab on what you eating, you should also include the tea-biscuit calories to your table. Even wheat biscuits have many calories! Nutritionists believe that wheat rusks are healthier than wheat biscuits.

Here are three deciding factors that make a biscuit healthy or unhealthy.

1. Flour: In order to portray biscuits as healthy, many manufacturers mention ‘Refine wheat flour’ in the ingredients section. People who do not the difference between wheat and refined wheat often get trapped. Refined wheat flour is ‘Maida’ that we all know is unhealthy. In the refining process, wheat loses its fiber and nutrients which makes it worse. This increases the load on your digestive tract and causes bloating, gas, constipation, viral gastroenteritis, and irregular bowel movements. Also, maida causes weight gain. Even when buying digestive biscuits, check if it has refined flour in it.

2. Sugar: The sweetness of biscuits comes from the sugar in it. Too sweet biscuits mean high sugar. For example, glucose biscuits contain relatively higher calories than digestives. Eating sugary biscuits once in a while is fine but in the long run, it affects blood sugar levels and increases the risk of weight gain, obesity, diabetes, etc.

3. Hydrogenated fat or trans fat: This is added to the biscuits as preservatives to increase their shelf life. This is why they are consumable for months. Trans fat is linked with increased LDL or bad cholesterol levels that increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

This boils down to the calorific nature of most biscuits especially the ones high in sugar content. Due to the lack of fiber, they are bad for our gut health and poses many health risks.

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NOTE: It is nothing but a myth that glucose biscuits are healthy. In reality, they are more harmful than their counterparts. Read ahead to know why you should not let your child eat glucose biscuits.

Disadvantages of Glucose Biscuits on Children's Health

Until now, we have praised glucose biscuits to be the healthiest. There is one glucose biscuit brand that has been around for decades and people still fondly eat it with their teas. If you are a parent who gives glucose biscuits to your child with milk, beware! Today we will tell you the harm it does to your child.

Poor nutritional value

In the growing years, children need the utmost nutrition for proper growth and development. You should give them healthy and nutritious foods that glucose biscuits are not. They have refined flour, trans fat, sugar and preservatives that may hamper the growth of your child. 

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Digestive problems

Have you noticed your child taking frequent trips to the loo or complaining of stomach ache, this is due to glucose biscuits. Their consumption affects the digestive system since they have no fiber content that helps in regulating bowel movements. Their system is still in the development stage and this is why they are unable to digest these biscuits.

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Nervous health problems

Trans fat increases bad cholesterol in the body which can cause nervous disorders, vision problems, obesity, diabetes and allergies in kids. Before giving any biscuit to your tiny tot, check the label for trans fat.

So, next time when you crave for tea and biscuits, remember all these things that we just told you for your own good.

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