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Drug Exports Under Brand to Stay

Latest By Arka Roy Chowdhury , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Nov 06, 2012
Drug Exports Under Brand to Stay

Cheaper medicines for the needy in India still a dream.

Drug Exports Under Brand to Stay

The Indian Government has dropped plans on banning brand names from medicines that gets exported. This is in response to the Health Ministry’s direction to use generic names for medicines getting exported instead of their brand names. The effort by the Health Ministry which was to reduce the cost of medicines for patients, have now become a dream due to this sudden decision to take  a step backward.


This step has been taken by the government so that the pharmaceutical companies who makes a whopping $ 12 billion a year through exports would not go in for a loss. Based on our discussions with officials, the government has agreed that it will not ban the use of brand names in export licences.  An official from the Indian Drug Manufacturers Association said, “Based on our discussions with officials, the government has agreed that it will not ban the use of brand names in export licenses. We have sought a clarification (on the issue) from the health ministry, and this is expected soon.”


The industry was apprehensive that that the certificate of pharmaceutical product (CoPP) issued by the government for exports will also be issued in the generic name. The certificate is mandatory for exports in many countries.

The Government may agree to drop its controversial ban on the use of brands in the domestic market as well. There is also a similar ban being considered on export licenses, and the government will soon clarify the issue.


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