Drink 2 Cups of Tea for a Baby

Updated at: Dec 27, 2012
Drink 2 Cups of Tea for a Baby

Pregnant women have always been barred from having coffee because of the increased risk of miscarriage that caffiene is symbolic of. Turns out, tea can instead quench the desire for a hot drink in the morning. In fact, downing a few cups of tea co

Himanshu Sharma
LatestWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Mar 27, 2012

Drink 2 Cups of Tea for a Baby

Earlier studies advised women with a desire to get pregnant not to consume caffeine. Carrying the trend forward, recent study claims that chances of getting pregnant increase significantly with consumption of 2 cups of tea per day. Several such studies have also been conducted before those have focused on factors that increase or decrease the chances of conceiving. There was a study that indicated 20 percent decrease in pregnancy chances by drinking carbonated beverages.

This study panel from Boston University examined 3600 women with a desire to become mothers. The panel found out that the subjects who drank 2 cups of tea a day increased their pregnancy chances by 27 percent. Taking the study to the next level, panel is working on the same agenda to find out relation between tea consumption, pregnancy and aspects related to the same.

Elizabeth Hatch from the panel ruled out ruining chances of pregnancy with caffeine, referring to it as inconclusive. She also put forth the actual reason to conduct the study, which was to study the influence of caffeine on pregnancy. Hatch made it clear it is not a miraculous cure to guarantee pregnancy, but other factors of women’s lifestyle may also be linked with pregnancy.
Tea contains several antioxidants, which are considered good for male and female fertility. However, women should not rely on tea consumption for getting pregnant, as it is not realistic. Green Tea, which is highly acknowledged for rendering several health benefits, had no influence on pregnancy.




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