The complete guide to dressing up according to your body shape

Updated at: Jan 17, 2017
The complete guide to dressing up according to your body shape

Can't figure out what style suits your body? These tips on dressing for your body shape will help you avoid a wardrobe disaster. Thank you hugs are welcome.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Jan 17, 2017

With an ever-changing fashion trend in today’s world, there are just too many things to flatter your body’s shape. Here is a guide on how to look your best irrespective of what’s trending. Clothing, according to a popular celebrity stylist Sam Saboura, is about setting a balance between your mood and what you want onlookers to feel about you. Flip through these tips and check those that are tailored according to your body’s shape.



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Trigangle body shape

Some of the features of this body type include:

Best features: Toned legs, trim waist, shapely hips.

Pitfalls: Sam suggests that women with this body shape should avoid slim-fitting shirts as they throw the balance of the body off and make the hips look bigger than it actually is.

Top: When you are the store looking for the perfect top, look out for layers. Create a balance between the upper and lower part of your body by filling out the upper part. Opt for a cardigan in summer and spring and cropped jackets in winter. Do not be afraid to show a little skin. You will look great in three-quarter sleeves, one-shoulder tops and wide scoop necks.

Bottom: Boot-cut pants are the best for triangle shaped women. Wear heel to give your legs length. Invest in dark, medium-sized jeans, A-line cut skirts etc. Avoid high waists and pleated skirts.


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Circle body shape

Best features: Slender legs, trim hips and slight shoulders

Avoid covering up your body. Show the neckline, forearms and legs off a little.

Considering that such women have a soft and round body, their goal must be add structure. Invest in a structured overcoat or jacket, wrap dresses, asymmetrical hemlines, flutter sleeves, draped fabrics, cowl necks etc.

Show your leg off with straight leg or boot cut along with heel to highlight your legs.


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Hourglass body shape

Best features: Big breasts, curvy hips and slim waist.

Pitfalls: Avoid showing off too much of your much-desired figure.

Top: Be simple. Invest in simple tops that have three-quarter sleeves and scoop necklines. Avoid layering and buy waist belts that define the tummy. You will look the best in seams that flare out at the hips and define the waist. Fitted jeans look amazing on such women though they must be well-tailored.

Bottom: You will look the best in knee-length skirts. Invest in pencil skirts, bootleg pants and skinny jeans. Opt for skirts and pants that highlight your curved.


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