Dress up for your Date

Feb 25, 2011

Quick Bites:

Dress up for your DateSo, you have decided to “meet” the person and know more about him/her. Heed to the following guidelines on getting prepared for dating and you will never go wrong. Do not take yourself too seriously, just relax and be yourself and you will enjoy more!

  • It is only a date and is neither an important interview nor a life-threatening situation. So focus yourself and your mind to loosen up and enjoy.
  • Call to confirm your date and where and when you are meeting. Not only it is a step to ensure there are no change in plans but it also shows that you are looking forward to the meeting.
  • Both of you should know which place you are heading to as it will help you reach the place on time and not get lost. Punctuality is crucial on the first date and even thereafter!
  • Take out enough time for yourself to get ready and look your best. Also spare time to a little “mind talk” to soothe your jittery nerves.
  • Looking your best does not mean an expensive outfit and a “different” you. Wear decent and comfortable clothing. Do not overdo with makeup and perfumes as it can put people off, making you come across as a ‘wannabe’. Maintain a neat and classy look.
  • For women, they should be cautious about the place where they are going and whom they are meeting with. Keep a friend in knowledge about your whereabouts and your date. Carry a phone and make sure you are meeting in a public place and not in a hilltop!
  • Carry a gift or a little something for your date. It shows your efforts and that you care.
  • Good conversation can make or break dates. Have some topics (no world issues please!) ready for the date.
  • If wine or alcohol is on your mind, do not overdo it.
  • Do not be judgmental about each others opinion, respect difference of views.
  • Make eye contact and smile more, it makes you not only look attractive but approachable.
  • Do not reveal all information about yourself on the first date. Keep up the mysterious and interesting factor for later dates too.
  • When the date comes to an end, men must make sure to escort their date back home safely.


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