5 Dress Ideas for First Date

Updated at: Feb 04, 2013
5 Dress Ideas for First Date

5 Dress Ideas for First Date: Looking for dress ideas for first date? It is important to present your-self well on your first date. The best you can do is be comfortable and be yourself.

Bushra Kafeel
DatingWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Jun 02, 2011

5 Dress Ideas for First DateDressing for first date becomes difficult as you are not much familiar with the person. The thought that your clothing will influence your date’s assumptions about your personality make it even more complicated. Here are five dress ideas for first date.


Don’t Overdo

Don’t overdo in order to impress your date. While dressing up for your date keep your looks simple and make sure that you feel good about yourself. If you are feeling ugly about yourself then the date will be over before it starts.

Avoid wearing formals such as suits or office attire as they will give a serious feel to your date.


Wear Something Comfortable


Since first date is already full of anxiety it is important to be comfortable. Wearing an uncomfortable dress can make you feel clumsy, self conscious and can even ruin your date. 

If it is a new dress and you doubt its comfort then you can wear your outfit an hour before date. This will help you to be at ease with it. You may be willing to look catchy and different from other guys and gals but if you are not comfortable with a particular dress at first date then you may save it for the second date.


Be Considerate to Your Date’s Taste


While getting ready for your first date it is important to keep in mind the taste and ideas of your date. For instance, if you are dating a ‘simple’ girl then wearing a black tee and nice jeans is a good idea. But don’t change yourself too much as this can steal off your comfort.


Wear Comfortable Shoes

Shoes are an important part of attire but are often overlooked by people. Make sure that your shoes are going well with your dress. Remember that looks of your footwear are important but only after your comfort. Imagine wearing shoe in which you are not comfortable to walk, they will make you look awkward and foolish.


Dress According to Venue


Another important dating tip is to select dress according to the occasion. For instance if you are going for sports events such as bowling then wear jeans/chinos, hat and a t-shirt but if it is a dinner date then girl can wear classic dress and the guy can go for tailored slacks.

Girls must avoid dressing like a magazine model and opt for a pretty look. Even though, it is very tempting to look sexy on first date but it rarely works out that way. In fact save your see-through tops and micro-minis for the romantic evening at home.





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