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Don'ts for First Night with New Partner

Snr By Arpita De , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jul 13, 2011
Don'ts for First Night with New Partner

Intimacy in Relationships – The first night with a new partner is an exciting prospect for all. However, one needs to be carefully so as to not turn a beautiful first night into an absolute horror.

Whether it is your wedding night or the first time you are going to get intimate with your partner, this time is really special for you. One can understand the fact, that your anxiety levels have hit the roof! You want everything to be perfect, because this will be the time that you will remember forever.

The Don’ts for Your First Night

Irrespective of gender there are some things that you shouldn’t do or expect on your first night with your partner.


Do not over expect

We know you want your first night to be the best time of your life, but out of line expectations might end in a rude shock. Understand that there is anxiety on both sides. So reign in your imagination and go with the flow. [Read: Honeymoon Tips and Ideas for First Night Romance]


Be Yourself

If you have found inspiration regarding intimacy in relationships from your favourite mills and boons novel, then your first night is not the time to put it to test. Be yourself and not your favourite character! The first time that two people get together is the best time to bond. Do not put up a charade. It will only befuddle your partner later.


Don’t get Jumpy


Relaxing is the key to a wonderful first night. If you have decided to come together with this person, then it obvious that you have placed some amount of trust on her/him. If you get hyper or anxious it will affect the time that you spend together.


Don’t Boss Around


If you are the one with the experience, then it in no way means that you get to boss around. Remember you are with someone who might be feeling vulnerable. Taking the lead during physical intimacy is one thing and dictating the session is quite another. There should mutual consent and the act should be natural and not forced upon.


Don’t Rush into the Act


You might be enthusiastic about your first night with your partner, but rushing into the act might spoil the moment. Different people react differently in such situations. Deal with the night in a patient manner. Don’t think that if you coerce your partner into being intimate with you, then the battle is won. Your partner might regret it later and it may cause problems in the relationship. [Read: 10 Ways to make Sex Sexier]


Don’t Get Carried Away

This is the most crucial aspect of your first night with your partner. If you are not convinced that you should go ahead and be intimate with your partner, then don’t do it. Don’t give in to pressure or be willingly influenced by your partner. Remember, that whatever be the reverberation of this night, you will have to shoulder your part of the responsibility. Even if you are married or fully committed to this person, you have to decide for you. 



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