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Does your Child need Home Tuitions?

Mental Health By Pulkit Sharma , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jul 21, 2012
Does your Child need Home Tuitions?

If your child is struggling with the pressure of studies at school providing him home tution is certainly a good idea. However, you need to evaluate the pros and cons of a home tutor before hiring one.

Does your Child need Home Tuitions

Nowadays, the school environment demands excellence in all spheres of academics and co-curricular activities. This puts immense pressure on all children because every single child can excel in certain areas but will struggle in others depending on their aptitude, interest and overall personality. In order to assist the child in achieving excellence and dealing with pressure parents are increasingly arranging home tuitions for their children.


The effect home tuitions have on a child’s mind can range from extremely positive to extremely negative. It depends on several factors including the temperament of the child, the temperament of the tuition teacher, the goals of tuition, family atmosphere and the amount of pressure put on the child.

A home tuition can aid a child in dealing with pressure at school if:

  • The tutor is sensitive, warm and caring
  • The child and the tutor form a bond wherein the child feels comfortable in expressing all his/her difficulties, fears and anxieties
  • The tutor has a lot of patience and allows the child to walk at his or her own pace rather than forcing them to speed up
  • The tutor identifies areas of potential in the child and encourages it
  • The tutor understands the weak points of the child and develops a program tailored to child’s needs and temperaments so that the child can eventually acquire skills even in these weak areas
  • The child gets both quantity and quality time to unwind and relax


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On the other hand home tuition can have a potentially destructive effect and add to the pressure which the child is experiencing if:

  • The tutor is cold, harsh and critical
  • The child and the tutor are unable to form a strong alliance and the child does not feel free in expressing him/her in presence of the tutor
  • The tutor wants to control the child and make sure that the child follows the pace the tutor wants to set
  • The tutor does not pay a lot of attention to unique capabilities of the child
  • The tutor has almost the same program for each child and does not adapt to the unique needs and aptitudes of the child
  • The tuition encroaches upon the free time of the child and does not allow him/her to unwind and relax


Keeping a home tutor is certainly a good idea if the child is struggling with the pressure at the school. However, the parents need to keep the preceding points in mind and make a careful selection so that the tuitions help the child in dealing with the pressure rather than becoming another source of pressure in the child’s life.

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