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Does wearing helmets cause hair loss?

Fashion & Beauty By Meenakshi Chaudhary , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Oct 16, 2015
Does wearing helmets cause hair loss?

Helmets are meant to protect the head from possible injury, but with time their use can cause hair loss. Here is what you need to know and do.

Would you be shocked if we tell you that regularly wearing a helmet leads to hair loss in men? It is believed that wearing helmet regularly can cause hair roots to move closer to the scalp, a process called traction alopecia. As a result, it stops growth of frontal hair.


Traction alopecia


Traction alopecia is real

You can clearly observe traction alopecia in people who have styled their hair in tight weaves or braids for many years. Similarly, it can also be observed in people who have worn helmets regularly for many years.



How motorcyclists can prevent traction alopecia

The first thing you will have to do is to make sure that your hair are not be pulled tightly at the roots. How you wear your helmet makes a difference. The right way to put your helmet on is to normally lift it up slightly and then put it back. Repeat this process until you feel your hair are not being pulled. Make sure you follow this process to prevent traction alopecia caused by helmets.



Bacteria in your helmet may also affect your hair growth

Your helmet becomes a breeding ground for air borne bacteria due to sweat, dirt and food particles that could infect your scalp and cause hair fall. It could also affect growth of new hair.



What you can do

The best and easiest thing you can try is to clean your helmet with an anti-bacterial solution regularly. Make sure you always let it dry thoroughly after every wash to make it bacteria-free. This will prevent infection in your scalp too.


What to do to reverse hair loss caused by wearing a helmet

Since hair roots may no longer be connected to the blood vessels in the scalp, it is kind of difficult to reverse hair loss. But, scalp blood circulation improvement methods might reverse this form of hair loss. The stronger you make blood circulation at the surface of the scalp the more chance you have of recovering hair lost due to traction alopecia. Massage your scalp to boost elasticity of scalp’s skin and include super foods and supplements to improve blood flow to the hair. Also, make sure you wash your hair regularly to keep scalp infection due to helmets at bay.


So, it's best to always wear your helmet when you ride your bike, but it's even better to wear it correctly.


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