Does Sexual Activity Impact Platelet Level during Dengue Fever

Does Sexual Activity Impact Platelet Level during Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever can trigger a reduction in your vital platelet count, but are there ways in which you can stimulate an growth?  Will sexual activity drive up the count?

Dengue Fever is primarily carried by the Aedes Mosquito and impacts the Mid-East, South-East Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, China, Central and South America, and the tropical and sub-tropical areas of India.  The fever is spread when the mosquito bites a person infected with one of the four related dengue viruses and transfers this by biting others.

Low Platelet Count

One of the classic symptoms of dengue fever is a low platelet count.  Platelets’ primary function is blood-clotting; when you bleed, they plug the hole.  So their availability on demand leads to a higher quality of life; when the numbers of platelets in your blood system reduces, you need to seriously curb risk.  When your platelet level drops to a significant low, good medical practice dictates that a blood transfusion procedure is carried out.

Unfortunately, there is no clinical or biological evidence to support the fact that increased sexual activity will increment the platelet count in your bloodstream.



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