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Does Sex education reduce Teenage Pregnancy

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury , Onlymyhealth editorial team / May 22, 2013
Does Sex education reduce Teenage Pregnancy

Sex education given in a systematic and appropriate manner to teenagers can have a very good effect on society in general. It can reduce teenage pregnancy.

Does Sex education reduce Teenage Pregnancy

Sex education is of primary importance for teenagers, a comprehensive approach keeps teenagers devoid of complications. Even though sex education is imparted in many schools, it is only wise for parents to have a personal interaction with their teenage children. Sex education would allow teenagers to know the implications of having sex, and so they would not undermine the resultant difficulties that may follow.

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Understanding Sex Education

Educating a child on sex should not be looked at as a taboo. It is primarily a sort of education, and very important one too. Sex education programs that are balanced and realistic encourage students to postpone sexual activities until they are older. It also undoubtedly promotes safer sex for those who choose to be sexually active.
The fact of the matter in a country like India is that most people gather their information about sex from companions, street corner conversations, movies and magazines. The information gathered is mostly twisted and are not the entire truth, and therefore it is important and necessary that classroom study on sex and a talk at home by parents materialize. Most people tend to think that including sex education in our text books will lead to an awkward embarrassment, but wont it be worse if teenagers end up taking a wrong step due to lack of knowledge?

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How does it Help

The simple fact of the matter is that sex education is the only sure way to help prevent teenage pregnancy. Teenagers go through a sexual revolution of sorts; there is an urge to grow older than one’s age and the bodily changes that reflect makes one aware of one’s sexuality. There are a lot of questions running in one’s mind at this time, and so it is important that they get all the answers that are necessary for them to stay safe. There are a lot of teenagers who are emotionally incapable to cope with their sexual development, and therefore are in need of support. They get this support through sex education, and feel more relaxed and incubated. Others are just plain embarrassed to confide in someone about the changes that are going through their body, and ultimately a timely sex education can be of immense help to the teenagers.

Once a girl gets to know that she has chances of getting pregnant if she has unprotected sex then she will think twice before taking a step. A boy in the same manner would not want to get someone pregnant and create complications when he learns the same. Most often young teens would instead stay away from casual sex and delay their sexual experience until they reach an older age. There is a need for them to understand the value and the importance of sex, and that is to say how sex stands as an important pillar in love, marriage and family life.

Teenage years are the right time for young people to understand the basic psychological and physical differences between both the sexes. It is also important to know about the different reactions of man and woman about the different physical realities of love. Sex education can definitely reduce teenage pregnancy.

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