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Does relationship work without sex?

Snr By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Mar 23, 2013
Does relationship work without sex?

Does Relationship work without Sex?  A relationship cannot be based on sex if the couples involved want it to last long.


Some questions on sex and relationships often haunt us. “What is better – Love without sex or sex without love?” “Can sex be the basis of a long-term relationship?” and many more. With the passage of time and after a few failed relationships, those who have managed to find a lasting one are unanimous in their opinion. They find that it is what happens between the couple when the tough times come that determines its strength.

does relationship work witout sex

It may be hard to visualise a relationship completely devoid of sex but you can be fairly certain that the successful relationships are not based on sex. Satisfaction of the sexual act will definitely go down over the years but compatibility, empathy and genuine affection will grow. You can be blessed with a long-term relationship only when you realise the importance of emotions rather than sex.

People are often spineless when it comes to sticking to their partner during the bad days. They have the legal recourse of ending their relationship and possibility of easy sex elsewhere makes it even more alluring. Leave alone sticking together at bad times, the boredom factor alone makes people split up as it is absolutely impossible that one person will always be as exciting all the times.

In relationships without sex as the essential factor, couples go through loss of jobs, major illnesses, serious accidents, disability, family deaths, surgeries and similar tumultuous phases in one’s life. These make you bond with the partner like never before. Good sex is never the consideration when couples go through these phases of their lives and stand by each other.
If you feel that sex would be the basis of your relationship, you have failed to realise the essence of it. There is a difference between sex and love. Sex without love is just a craving for flesh while love with sex means that there is a substance about it. In rare cases, love without sex is also experienced between couples. It is the truest form of love which has only the exalted human values as its basis.

You can have relationships based on your outlook towards life and the circumstances that befall you. It is just that the more meaningful relationships involve being diligent and steadfast with your partner while sex takes a back seat. Not completely out of it, that would be asking too much for most people, but certainly not the main consideration!


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