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Does Penis Enlargement Work?

Snr By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Dec 24, 2012
Does Penis Enlargement Work?

Are you size-obsessed? Here are all the things that you need to know about penis enlargement.

According to a Sheffield University report, 45 per cent men around the globe are not satisfied with the size of their penis and thus, they blame it for their average sexual performance.

Does Penis Enlargement Work


We all have heard of penis enlargement pills, herbal remedies, lotions and other such products many a time. But, does any of the penile enhancement approach really work? Are they of any help to the size-obsessive guys?

Man has always given great importance to the size of his penis. Various companies around the world have exploited this obsession to roll out products such as pills, penis extenders and other penis enlargement products touting quick increase in length.


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Attempting penis enlargement techniques, you are at increased risk of losing sensation in peripheral nerves which makes it difficult to ejaculate. Among other dangers of these attempts are impotence, scarring, lesions and permanent damage.


Here is the truth on penis enlargement methods and techniques.

  • Pills, supplements, ointments and creams: None of these products actually work. These are all phony claims. Moreover, these are not safe as there is a risk factor attached to these.
  • Enlargement with vacuum pump: A vacuum pump cylinder that sucks out air is another unsavoury option. Using it may cause tissue damage and nothing more than that.
  • Stretching with weights attached: Stretching activities or hanging weights off your penis won't stretch it, not a bit. Among risks of stretching with weights include tearing of the tissue and burst blood vessels.
  • Jelqing: Also known as ‘milking’, jelqing is another ineffective male enhancement technique. The technique may help men become more comfortable with their body, but does not increase size.
  • Frequent masturbation: Frequent masturbation cannot make tissues to expand and enlarge penis permanently.

What you Can Do to Make it Bigger

Lose weight to make it look big. To make your penis look larger, the safest way is weight loss. Men who think that they have a small penis are usually overweight. Losing abdominal fat reveals the actual size of your penis. You cannot make it large, but you can look at it that way.

The Bottom Line

A quest for a penis enlargement has left many reeling with a bruised, painful or uneven penis. It is common to wish and think that your penis was a little bigger than it is. It is advised to think twice before you do something that can well make you regret later. Give up your concern of size, as it doesn't matter as long as you are creative in the bed.

Studies in the past don’t give an accurate picture of risks and benefits of penis enlargement. If you still decide that you must try one approach of penile enhancement, consult with a doctor so that you avoid injury.

Don’t go by the phony claims, you will only end up wasting your money. As of now, there is no scientifically proven method or remedy to increase penis size.


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