Does Living Together before Marriage lead to Divorce?

Updated at: Aug 14, 2012
Does Living Together before Marriage lead to Divorce?

Does Living Together before Marriage lead to Divorce: It has been widely presumed that living together before marriage can help one get the best of their partner before tying the knot, but reality has it that cohabitation before marriage leads to

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Does Living Together before Marriage lead to Divorce

It is a human trait to know that we’ll be happy having purchased something before plunking down money. While some people may never buy clothing or shoes without trying them out, others may never go through the hassles of purchasing a car without taking it on a test drive. The trend is so popular that grocery stores provide samples of products that can be first tried and then bought. In this culture of trying before buying, it is quite okay for couples to live in together for a while before they tie the knot. After all, if you aren’t compatible so much to get married to each other for the rest of your life, why spend all the money on getting hitched?


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While this trend of settling in illegally with a man or a woman was considered a sin in most countries, it has now become a talk of the town, According to statistics, in 1970s, about 500,000 couples lived together before getting hitched, though this number has increased to over several millions. According to reports, about 60 to 70 per cent of people living in the current century are likely to share a residence before getting married to each other.

There is a strong chance for you to think after weighing all the virtues of living in together- no secrets, you have the freedom to test sexual compatibility, you would know if your partner is fit to do household chores while also taking work along well- the divorce rates are likely to fall, but this is not really true. Several researchers have found out that couples who live together have a higher rate of divorce compared with couples, who do not cohabit before getting married. Also, it has been found that prior to the divorce the couples have had a lower rate of marital satisfaction.


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The researchers at the University of Denver found in their study on premarital cohabitation that the most common reason for divorce in cohabited couples was the lack of problem-solving skills and poor communication. According to Scott Stanley, a researcher of the study, found that cohabiting couples get married for the wrong reasons i.e. instead of making a commitment, they live together to slide into marriage because it’s easy. When couples cohabit, they tend to believe that they have already made the deliberate decision about staying together and should therefore, keep at it.

Whether it’s your first cohabitation or 21st, it is for you to make sure that you sit with your partner and seriously talk about moving in together.


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