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Does he like you? Read his Body Language

Updated at: Jul 03, 2013
Written by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Jul 03, 2013
Does he like you? Read his Body Language

If you think that decoding him is rocket science, then figure out what his body language says. Here are some ways to know whether he is interested.

A man is not the kind of creature to reveal a lot through his words, and so all concerned ladies can try and figure out if your man is interested in you by reading his body language.

graphic image of boy and girl in loveThe body language of a man can be a hint, a clue or rather a giveaway when it comes to understanding his heart. While we have mentioned that man does not say much in matters of the heart, it is also true that he cannot hide much as his body language is too profound. Finding out whether he likes you or not is not an issue, just look out for these body language signs.

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The Eyes

These neat little windows to the heart will never lie to you and so you will have to look at them deeply. His eyes will often make contact with yours and you will stay there for more than usual. That his eyes are glued to yours for long could be a sign of his interest in you. He will also steal glances and stare at you when you are not aware, so be a little more attentive and try to decipher his roving eyes.

Stand Tall

If he is interested in you and likes you then he will stand tall in front of you. He will subconsciously tend to push his chest out, tuck his stomach in and try to appear more masculine to impress you. So if he was slouching and suddenly stands tall upon seeing you then he likes you and wants to grab your attention. Such behaviour is one that happens subconsciously and men seldom are aware of what they are up to.

Too Close for Comfort

His liking for you will seem all too clear when you find him standing close to you, a little too close we mean. Take note of the distance between the two of you and if he is standing a bit closer than he generally should be then he likes you. Now you can take a step back and find out if he takes a step front, if he does then congratulations you have an admirer. But if he doesn’t then this doesn’t really mean he isn’t interested, in fact he could be a little shy! So then this could prove to be a tricky situation here.

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The Dancing Eyebrows

You could find him raising his eyebrows, this expression is when he is surprised, and finds you fascinating. The rise and the fall of the eyebrows usually happen unintentionally when men see something they like and this too is a subconscious job, which you will have to identify. Just pay a little attention and you will identify the dancing eyebrows.

Sudden Jealousy

This is a sure sign of his liking for you, just start flirting with someone else and watch his reaction. If he gets annoyed all of a sudden and starts to get jealous then he definitely likes you, he is very interested in you. He will cold shoulder you if you have happened to be closer to somebody else, and he will try and ignore you a little. Though his liking for you will not let him do so for long.

Body Parts pointing at you

If he likes you then you will find that his legs, feet or toes are pointing towards you, another subconscious effort. The basics of body language say that people’s legs usually point towards the direction where they want to go and towards where they are interested in. Therefore if we have this man pointing his legs, feet or toes at you, then well, you are his destination.

These signs could certainly get you prepared for what is coming into your life; a whole lotta love!

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